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Chinese for kids Chinese Play and Learn series features Hop Into Reading!  Chinese Hop Into Reading is a newly added resource.  They are for Chinese emergent readers and early readers.

Chinese for kids hop into reading printable | Miss Panda Chinese


We have heard about how a text-rich home can help children’s literacy skills.  This text-rich home is the same as a print-rich environment and a literacy-rich household.  The setup of a target language (Chinese) text-rich home is crucial.  The visual display of Chinese language with pinyin and English is a good start.  For non-Chinese speaking families pinyin is a tool to help with pronunciation.  It is also important to know that native Chinese speaking children learn pinyin (China) or zhuyin (Taiwan) when they first start to learn how to read Chinese.

Chinese flashcards with pictures are good visual learning resources for Chinese learners at all ages.  Chinese word wall is a great visual display.  Engaging worksheets, printable sheets, coloring pages, mini books, and quality children’s books are all good sources to enhance your language-rich and text-rich home.

Watch & Listen: Chinese Story Time: What Do You Eat on Thanksgiving?

This set of Chinese Hop Into Reading for Kids printable include commonly used Thanksgiving flashcards, Word Search game page, Sentence Scramble sheets and more.  You pick and choose a page that is easiest for your child to begin with.  You can add the rest of the materials to your Chinese Play Time gradually.  It can take up to a week to complete the set.  Download the printable set below.  You can choose from traditional Chinese set and simplified Chinese set.

Teaching Tips:  Use the flashcards with the picture and names first to introduce new items.  Why?

  • It gives children a whole and solid introduction of new words.  Visual materials can be a powerful learning tool for children and all language learners.  They hear the words, they see the words, and they can associate them with their personal experience.
  • Learning with all senses take acquiring a language to a different level.
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  • Other Visual Display ideas you can incorporate include:
  1. Word Wall
  2. Labeling
  3. Reading Corner
  4. Home Library
  5. Game Night
  6. Art Circle
  7. Craft Gallery
  8. Secreet Messages
  9. Lunch Notes
  10. Grocery List
  11. Newspaper I SPY
  12. Doodle cards

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Chinese Hop Into Reading thanksgiving | Miss Panda Chinese


Download the Thanksgiving Chinese Hop Into Reading printable set HERE:

Traditonal Chinese with pinyin and English support version

Simplified Chinese with pinyin and English support version

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