Meet “Miss Panda”!

“Miss Panda” is a dynamic Mandarin Chinese language instructor and the mother of two young bilingual children.  She is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and a trained Mandarin Chinese Language Instructor.  She was the host for “The English Club,” a top-rated language learning program on the National Education Radio Station in Taiwan.  She has extensive teaching experience with children in Taiwan, Morocco, Canada and the United States.

“Miss Panda” is registered with Hawai’i Careers With Young Children (PATCH) and is director-qualified. Miss Panda received the highest possible score on the Chinese Proficiency Test administered by the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C. She is a member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

“Miss Panda” is thrilled to present her Let’s Learn Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda CD!  Learning the Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture are a lot of fun. Now, you can join her for a fantastic Mandarin Chinese learning journey anytime, anywhere!

  1. Hi I am interested to teach with your CD. Can you guide me along. I will do purchase on line but could you let me know if there is any lesson plan with it. I am a certified and trained infant teacher and currently tutoring to 2 toddler (3.5 yrs and 16 mths boys) in their home. I like to use your Mandarin Miss Panda CD to prepare my teaching. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • The audio program works very well with toddlers. You can watch the YouTube videos of a few of my baby/tot classes and see how the program is presented to the very young children. The Learning Guide to the Miss Panda Chinese CD will be helpful with your lesson plan. It is available on the download tab. Please also join me on Miss Panda Chinese facebook page and Pinterest for more language/culture teaching ideas and activities. Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. ~ Miss Panda

  2. Hi! Just wondering if you are still in Hawaii. We will be visiting my family there this summer and I would love for my kids to go to one of your classes!

    • Natalie, Thank you for your message. I have relocated to South America and now my program is in Ecuador. I will miss you and your kids. I would recommend you to check out the Mandarin Chinese program with Little Ambassadors (ages 0-9) in Honolulu. Please feel free to let me know if you need further information. Have an awesome time in Hawaii! Let’s Always Keep Learning Fun! ~Aloha, Miss Panda

  3. I’m trying to find a mandarin program for my son who has taken it in school from kindergarten until second grade as well as paying for after school lessons. He is 9 and absolutely loves the language! Is your program right for him? If not do you have any other suggestions that aren’t outrageously priced?

    • Missy,
      Was your son in a Mandarin Chinese immersion program or a dual language program? Would the previous school provide you the materials they used before and you can continue from there? Please check out the MPC pinterest Chinese learning resource boards https://www.pinterest.com/mspandachinese/ and you will find plenty of learning materials that might fit the needs of your boy. Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. Let’s Always Keep Learning Fun! ~Miss Panda

  4. Nin Hao, Miss Panda,
    I was so impressed with what you have done on your website and all your teaching as well. I have so much to learn from you then.

    I’m from Hong Kong that currently homeschooling my preschoolers. I tried to find some Chinese learning materials online that I don’t get much. So I started a blog and make my own printables and learning Chinese materials as well. So I can use my materials to teach my kids and share with others at the same time. Feel free to check out my blog: fortunecookiemom.com.

    If you would like, I’d love to write you a guest post for your blog in the future.
    Keep in touch.

    Po Tim

    • Po, Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted to connect with you and see such a good resource for parents who are helping their little ones learn Chinese. How wonderful! Be in touch and I am looking forward to exploring your blog. Let’s Always Keep Learning Fun! ~Miss Panda

  5. Hello
    I am teaching Chinese in Japan,I watched your website and I feel your lesson is very interesting. You have uploaded so many materials for teaching. it is very helpful.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Hope you are having a fantastic time teaching in Japan. If there is any resource you would like us to add please feel free to let us know.

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