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Bicultural Mama:

“…I tried Miss Panda’s CD with my daughter. Though she’s just shy of the “minimum” age of 3, I was curious to see if she’d enjoy and learn from it. The 54-minute CD, double the length of most Chinese language audio programs for children, offered a great value. For my squirmy toddler, I found that the best venue for a captive audience was in the car.

Within weeks of listening to Miss Panda during rides, my daughter repeated words she heard. She also sang the songs. The CD incorporated some basic tunes, but note it was not a music CD – most of it relayed straight up verbal lessons. To Miss Panda’s credit, she taught the lessons in a fun way, using everyday scenarios to incorporate key words.”  (FULL REVIEW HERE)


“…I loved that when we got into the car, my kids (especially my 3 year old) would demand to listen to Miss Panda.  They’d spend time repeating words and phrases and also singing fun songs.  By listening to the a chapter or two at time, my kids seemed to retain more of the lesson.  More importantly, it’s because they wanted to learn, not because I wanted them to learn….” (FULL REVIEW HERE)

 “I like her video–very cute!” (ALL COMMENTS HERE)

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