18 Chinese New Year Crafts Animal and Culture Projects

Chinese New Year Crafts | Miss Panda Chinese

We have 18 Chinese New Year Crafts Animal and Culture Projects for Lunar New Year celebration to share with you!  These are an amazing collection of Chinese New Year Crafts from top educational resources!  Our special thanks go to each of the wonderful creators included in this post. This roundup of 18 Chinese New Year Crafts is your resources to teach Chinese New Year culture during Spring Festival (also known as Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year). 

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Chinese for Kids: Love and Heart Find All the Hearts

Chinese for Kids Love and Heart | Miss Panda Chinese

Valentine’s Day is a day fills with love and heart.  It is time for some sweets, chocolate, and balloons.  More importantly, it is also a good opportunity to teach about love, heart, kindness, compassion, and empathy. Love and heart connect in the character “love ài 愛” in the traditional Chinese writing form.  All the Chinese phrases mentioned above include a “heart xīn 心” character.  This can make a good discussion.  Make sure you download the love and heart

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Chinese Matching Game Printables for the Winter Olympics

Games in Chinese Winter Olympics | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Matching Game Printables for the Winter Olympics will add some more excitement to watching the winter games! The basics you need to know about PyeongChang 2018: The Winter Olympics has a four-year cycle. The host country of 2018 is South Korea. The host city is PyeongChang. The dates are from February 9 to February 25. Use the Chinese Matching Game Printables for the Winter Olympics to get familiar with Chinese vocabulary for the Winter Olympics. Meet Soohorang the

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Lucky Dumplings Symbolic Meaning, Names and Recipe

Chinese New Year Lucky Dumplings | Miss Panda Chinese

Lucky Dumplings for Chinese New Year!  Yes!  I hope you are ready for this big family event.  Making dumplings for the Spring Festival, a.k.a. Chinese New Year is a popular tradition in Chinese families.  It can be a day dedicated to making the lucky dumplings with all the family members or even relatives.  It can look like an assembly line with waves of laughter and chitchat. My grandmother had a couple of special big silver coins that

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Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子) – An Adorable Story of Family #ReadYourWorld

Eugenia Chu author of bandon makes jiao zi | Miss Panda Chinese

Disclosure: As a book reviewer of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I received a copy of Brandon Makes Jiǎo zi (餃子) to review. All opinions are my own. Brandon is a young boy who loves Chinese dumplings, jiăo zi 餃子|饺子.  One day after school, Mom had a surprise for him in the car.  He had a special visitor from China and you will see who that is in Brandon Makes Jiao Zi (餃子) . Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi

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Chinese New Year Chinese Laba Festival

Chinese Laba Festival | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Culture for Kids series features Chinese Laba Festival!   Happy Chinese Laba Festival 臘八節!  Do you know Laba Festival is the day that Kicks off the Preparation for the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year? Chinese Laba festival falls on January 24 in 2018.  Laba = 臘八.  臘 La – is the 12th month of the lunar calendar. 八 Ba – is the number 8.  Laba is celebrated on the 8th day of the twelfth

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Chinese Lunar New Year Guide – Tradition, Taboos, and Celebration

Chinese Culture for Kids Chinese New Year Guide | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Culture for Kids Series presents “Chinese Lunar New Year Guide – Tradition, Taboos, and Celebration!” “Gong Xi!  Gong Xi!”–The Excitement of Chinese New Year Chinese Lunar New Year Guide start here…  The fragrance of Mom’s special stew and the “Ten Vegetarian Delights” fills the kitchen just before Chinese New Year arrives. That’s the first memory that floods into my mind each time someone asks me about the Chinese New Year celebration. In my opinion it’s the

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Chinese One Image Talk and Chat about Woody

Chinese One Word Image | Miss Panda Chinese

Pictures speak.  Images have stories. Chinese One Image Talk and Chat features Woody from Toy Story! Reading wordless books to children is a wonderful way to engage them in the target language (Chinese).  There are no words in the book but there are pictures.  When you tell the story of a wordless book, children listen, they hear the words, they understand the story you are telling them.  It is a great way to build literacy skills. You

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An Interview with Mia Wenjen on Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Interview with Miss Panda - Mia Wenjen PragmaticMom | Miss Panda Chinese

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming on January 27 in 2018.  Interview with Miss Panda is featuring Mia Wenjen, founder of PragmaticMom and co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Mia is sharing the behind-the-scene story of Multicultural Children’s Book Day and her multicultural parenting story.  This interview is playing on YouTube Miss Panda Chinese channel. Mia Wenjen’s parenting blog, PragmaticMom focuses on books, parenting, and education.  Her book resource is a go-to place for many parents and

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Chinese Culture for Kids Chinese New Year Paper Cutting Craft

Chinese New Year paper cutting craft | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese New Year paper cutting craft is a lot of fun for children.  This paper design art is originated from cutting patterns for Chinese embroidery and later developed into a folk art.  The history of paper cutting began during Hàn dynasty in China.  It was in the 4th century.  You may want to share some of the following culture facts with your children when you introduce this Chinese New Year paper cutting craft. Questions: What is the Chinese

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