An Interview with Mia Wenjen on Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Interview with Miss Panda - Mia Wenjen PragmaticMom | Miss Panda Chinese

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming on January 27 in 2018.  Interview with Miss Panda is featuring Mia Wenjen, founder of PragmaticMom and co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Mia is sharing the behind-the-scene story of Multicultural Children’s Book Day and her multicultural parenting story.  This interview is playing on YouTube Miss Panda Chinese channel. Mia Wenjen’s parenting blog, PragmaticMom focuses on books, parenting, and education.  Her book resource is a go-to place for many parents and

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Chinese Culture for Kids Chinese New Year Paper Cutting Craft

Chinese New Year paper cutting craft | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese New Year paper cutting craft is a lot of fun for children.  This paper design art is originated from cutting patterns for Chinese embroidery and later developed into a folk art.  The history of paper cutting began during Hàn dynasty in China.  It was in the 4th century.  You may want to share some of the following culture facts with your children when you introduce this Chinese New Year paper cutting craft. Questions: What is the Chinese

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Chinese Through Story Martin Luther King Jr. Day A Poem

Chinese Through Story MLK Day Chinese Poem | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Through Story Martin Luther King A Poem!  Before we start, think about this name.  Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?  What are the words associated with him?  Have you read any stories about Dr. King? You task after reading this short Chinese poem is to share one Chinese word to describe Dr. King.  You may want to read more stories in Chinese Through Story series. This poem is in Miss Panda Chinese Teaching Printable Library.  I

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Raising Bilingual Kids 11 Activities for the Year

Raising Bilingual Kids Activities | Miss Panda Chinese

One of the most commonly asked questions about raising bilingual children is how to encourage kids to speak Chinese, the target language on a day to day basis.  When busy parents focus on the output, that is to speak Chinese, it is very important to look at the Chinese language input that their children receive daily.  One of the most popular articles at this blog is a resource: 15 Chinese Cartoons for Kids With this post, Raising

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The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2017 at Miss Panda Chinese

The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2017 | Miss Panda Chinese

It was a fun year here at Miss Panda Chinese.  Together, we have expanded Chinese language and culture teaching resources according to your needs at home or in the classroom.  You now have an extended list of Chinese learning apps for kids.  There are 15 Chinese cartoons that children can enjoy for learning and for leisure.  Reading Chinese stories and books is always an important routine so there are books for you to start with.  Last but

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Chinese Through Story: Meet This Cute Young Foodie

Chinese Through Story Meet This Young Foodie | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Through Story: Meet This Young Foodie!  Using authentic materials to introduce new items  and new concepts to language learners is a great way to engage them.  It is a way to learn the Chinese language and the culture. In this story you will meet Xiǎo mán, a beloved 3-year-old Chinese girl whose meal time videos have made her an internet star. First, look at the picture.  Do you see a little boy?  Do you see a

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Chinese Christmas Jingle Bells Lyrics and Christmas Printables

Chinese Christmas Jingle Bells lyrics and Christmas worksheets for kids | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Play and Learn features Chinese Christmas Jingle Bells lyrics and fun printable sets during this holiday season!   Learning keeps going when kids are on winter break or summer break for holidays! Let’s look at the new releases in holiday resources.  Make sure you download the Chinese Play & Learn printables I have for you!   Teach Chinese: Christmas unit This winter and holiday-themed Chinese Christmas unit is packed with hands-on activities and fun.  It includes over

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Pictureta Bilingual World Maps and Décor for Bilingual Homes

pictureta chinese world map for kids white | Miss Panda Chinese Gift Guide

Disclosure: Bilingual World Maps -Miss Panda received a sample to evaluate. All opinions are my own. Creating a literacy-rich environment is important for a bilingual home and a world language classroom.  Pictureta makes it easy for you to decorate your home or your classroom with bilingual world maps and décor.   When you blend decorate & educate together you see a product line that is playful and vibrant.  Pictureta helps parents inspire children to learn about our

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Chinese Play and Learn: Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain

Chinese Christmas countdown chain craft | Miss Panda Chinese

The Chinese Christmas countdown chain is wrapped on the Christmas tree.  Making a countdown chain every year has become a family tradition since my kids were preschoolers.  Holiday season is a wonderful time to add seasonal craft projects to the Chinese language and culture learning session at home and in the classroom. This hands-on activity can be a center time project,  a group program or  an individual one.  Chinese numbers are printed on the colored papers.  Every

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Using the Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese Songs and Chinese Radio

Using Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese songs and Chinese radio | Miss Panda Chinese

I want to share with you how to use the Amazon Echo to listen to Chinese songs, radio, and audio albums.  I have introduced Tune-In app in a separate post earlier.  It is an app that you can use to listen to international radio stations with your smart phone.  You can search various radio channels by location or by language with this app.  Amazon Echo has podcasts and radio stations from  Tune-In and iHeartRadio.  Using the Amazon

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