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MPC Mandairn Chinese Pronunciation Chart

Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Chart created by Miss Panda Chinese (C)2015 Miss Panda Chinese All Rights Reserved

Pinyin is the principal system used in Chinese Romanization, or representing Chinese words with English alphabetic letters.  Pinyin means “spelled sound” or phonetic.  Pinyin is used as a tool to help children in Mainland China read before they have learned all the characters.  Many teaching materials designed for Westerners use pinyin.  Pinyin is also known as “hanyu pinyin.”

This Pronunciation Guide has been created by MissPandaChinese to help parents and students learn the proper sounds of Mandarin Chinese through the use of the pinyin system.  One of the most important things to keep in mind when using pinyin is that the sound of each English letter does not always have the same sound it does when spoken in English.  Just as French and Spanish pronounce the letters of this familiar alphabet quite differently, English speakers still need to “learn” the Chinese sounds associated with the “A,B,C”s used in pinyin.  This chart facilitates this by using sounds found in common English words to approximate those of Mandarin Chinese as closely as possible.

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