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Chinese for Kids: Chinese Halloween Bingo Printable and Count Like a Witch

Miss Panda Chinese - Halloween Bingo

In this Chinese for Kids series I want to share with you the Chinese Halloween Bingo printable set from our Teaching Printable Library.  I also have a Teaching Unit: Chinese Halloween with flashcards, activity pages, and a short story.  When there is a holiday or festival it is a good idea to work the seasonl theme into the class.  So you will see me teach in Halloween style in October.  Take a look how My students and

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Bilingual Parenting Raising Bilingual Kids Bilingual Quotes

Bilingual parenting is an exciting journey and it can go upside down at times.  Parents need to be recharged and be inspired on this raising bilingual children journey.  Here is a collection of empowering quotes about bilingual parenting, learning, bilingualism, early childhood education, being bilingual and raising bilingual kids.  I have shared many of these quotes in different posts and now I am adding them to this bilingual parenting resources. Do you have any quote that empowers

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Online Kids Summer Chinese Reading Program

We are so excited to kick off our 2017 Summer Chinese Reading Program! The mission of this challenge is to keep our bilingual children reading in Chinese, having fun in Chinese, and learning more about Chinese language, Chinese culture and the world during the summer. We have picked awesome books for your to start with.  We are looking forward to having your and your child’s book recommendations.  We welcome teacher’s book picks so we can compile more

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15 Chinese Cartoons for Kids!

Chinese Cartoons for Kids

Chinese cartoons for kids is featuring 15 Chinese Cartoons for children!  Stories are wonderful for target language teaching and learning.  A good and simple story contains repeated words, expressions, and a fun storyline to keep the attention of children.  By using cartoons in small parts to deliver a lesson can be a very effective way to reinforce Chinese language learning and see some cultural elements at times. So many readers shared my recent post  “Teaching Your Kids

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Bilingual Parenting: 8 Bilingual Parenting Tips to Engage Your Bilingual Children in Minority Language Every Day

  Happy New Year!  Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year filled with bilingual fun!   As we enter the New Year here are 8 tips to better structure our language learning in the New Year. 1. Daily Breakfast Booster: Listen to the songs, music, or radio channel in your target language.  You can use language albums, YouTube channels, or radio apps to set up a morning routine.  My favorite is the TuneIn app. 2. Daily

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Sing to Learn Chinese: Let’s Sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Miss Panda Chinese Learning Unit: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Carols in Mandarin Chinese: We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Chinese Play Time with Miss Panda introduces songs and activities to children and parents. Today we are singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Chinese. You know this song very well and now you can sing it in Chinese. Activities: 1. Party Time! Take out the bells and instruments and have fun! 2. Chinese “Merry Christmas” Learning Unit!  Hands-on activity pages with coloring pages, label

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Playful Learning Theme: Merry Christmas and Activity Pages

Miss Panda Chinese - Christmas Learning Unit - Coloring Page

Are you ready for the holiday season?  With all the Christmas decorations and music here and there on the street and at the stores we are also getting ready to learn more seasonal theme-based Chinese.  The holiday season and winter break are a wonderful time to celebrate our achievement this year.  Our joyful learning continues even when we are on vacation!  I have prepared a Chinese Christmas Learning Unit packed with fun activities and ideas for you

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Bilingual Parenting: Raising a Bilingual Child – Be Strong and Be Joyful on the Bilingual Parenting Journey

Bilingual Parenting Tips by Miss Panda Chinese

We’ve all heard the adage “hindsight is 20/20.”  Looking back on the early days of when we first set out on our family language-learning journey reveals to me how important it is to change things up and to remain flexible with how we approach the process.  It’s sometimes easy to forget during rough patches, but I have learned that having fun with the kids as they learn is more important than concrete measurements like how many phonetic

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Six Steps for Teaching Chinese to Young Learners

Being bilingual or multilingual has so many benefits.  Research shows how easily young children can learn a different language when they are exposed to it, especially when they are immersed in it. We are in an era of raising young global citizens.  Learning a language is learning a culture and it expands a child’s world.  Speak Mandarin Chinese to your child if you are a native Chinese speaker.  Learn Chinese with your child together and speak your

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Chinese Culture for Kids Craft Series: Chinese Paper Cutting Craft printable – “Spring” – 春 (chūn)

Paper cutting is a fun project for children.  Younger kids will need some adult assistance.  Here is a simple paper cutting craft I do with children for the Chinese New Year.  It is a 3D cutout of the Chinese character for “spring.”  This is a craft that you can use to decorate the house or the classroom. Paper Cutting Project:  Chinese character 春 = chūn = spring. What you need: 1. Colored printing papers: Red is always

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