Bilingual Kids: Let’s Learn the Color Words in Mandarin Chinese!

Spring is a fun time to learn or review all the color words in Mandarin Chinese!  Have you dyed some Easter eggs?  How about an Easter egg hunt?  Do you know all the colors of the jelly beans?  Have a fun and sweet time learning and repeating all the color words.

When we dye the Easter eggs we see all the colors and we can say the names of each color.  What colors do you see in the picture below?  What color is it? = shén me yán sè?  什麼顏色?

Miss Panda Chinese - Easter Eggs - Colors

White = Bái sè 白色;  Blue = Lán sè 藍色; Red = Hóng sè 紅色;
Yellow = Huáng sè 黃色; Green = Lǜ sè 綠色; Orange = Jú sè 橘色 – you will also hear people say “Chéng sé 橙色.”


Do you like to eat oranges?  Orange – Jú zi  橘子.  How about the color orange?  Orange color – Jú sè 橘色.   That is easy to remember, isn’t it.  You will also hear some people say Chéng zi 橙子 for the orange you eat and Chéng sè 橙色 for the color orange.

Miss Panda Chinese- Dyeing an Easter Egg

What other fun words you need to know for Easter?  Let’s take a look!

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Easter – Fù huó jié復活節。复活节

Rabbit – Tù zǐ – 兔子。

Easter Rabbit – Fù huó jié tù zǐ – 復活節兔子。复活节兔子

Egg(s) – Dàn – 蛋。

Colored egg(s) – Cǎi dàn – 彩蛋。

Easter eggs – Fù huó jié cǎi dàn – 復活節彩蛋。复活节彩蛋

Jelly Beans – Táng dòu – 糖豆。

Colorful jelly beans 彩色的糖豆。

What is your favorite colored jelly beans? –

Nǐ zuì xǐ huan shén me yán sè de táng dòu?



I like the _(insert color word)_ jelly beans the most. 

Wǒ zuì xǐhuan _________ de táng dòu!

我最喜歡 _(insert color word)_ 的糖豆!
我最喜欢 _(insert color word)_ 的糖豆!

Easter Egg Hunt
Fù huó jié zhǎo cǎi dàn

Happy Easter!  Fù huó jié kuài lè! 復活節快樂! Have a colorful day!

Miss Panda Chinese-Happy Easter

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  1. I love that you used easter eggs for this. I wish I would’ve thought of doing that when we were coloring eggs. Maybe I’ll do that with all the left over jelly beans!

    • That is always a fun activity for children. You know what we do when we are drying the eggs…Jelly Beans Hunt with Color Sorting! It is definitely a treat for the kids! Thank you for visiting! Let’s always keep learning fun! ~Miss Panda

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