Bilingual Kids: Earth Day 地球日

Earth Day. Photo courtesy of toysstar6

Earth Day is every day!   What can you do as a kid or as a family?  Some kids at the school created water hero, like the one in the picture above to remind themselves they should save water.  It was a creative group project for 4th graders.  There are a lot of fun ways to celebrate Earth Day. Now you can work on one and use some new words.

Here is a list of Chinese words, phrases, and sentences for our bilingual kids that you can use every day!

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1. Please  – | qǐng.  This is a polite word and you can add this word to the beginning of each of the phrases (#2-#8)  below.

2. Turn off the light  – 關燈|关灯 guān dēng

3. Turn off the water – 關水|关水 guān shuǐ

4. Walk – 走路 zǒu lù

5. Ride the bike – 騎自行車|骑自行车 qí zì xíng chē

6. Pick up the trash  – 把垃圾撿起來|把垃圾捡起来 bǎ lè sè jiǎn qǐ lái

7. Do not litter – 不要亂丟垃圾|不要乱丢垃圾 bù yào luàn diū lè sè

8. Recycle – 資源回收|资源回收zī yuán huí shōu

9. Earth – 地球 dì qiú

10. Earth Day – 地球日 dì qiú rì

Miss Panda’s cub has an Earth Day message for you.

11. Do not waste water. – 不要浪費水 bù yào làng fèi shuǐ

12. Do not waste electricity. – 不要浪費電 bù yào làng fèi diàn

Now, check out the Earth Day tips shared by kids around the world!

Happy Earth Day!

“Water Hero” made with recycled material at Cotopaxi International School in Quito, Ecuador

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  1. Hi Miss Panda,
    Love you have have your content in both simplified and traditional characters.
    I look forward to your cartoon recommendations. I have found 大耳圖圖 keeps my kids engaged.
    Keep up your updates.
    (From Australia)

    • Jennifer, With both traditional and simplified Chinese writing systems available it helps parents and teachers to pick the one that fits their need. So glad to know you found it resourceful.

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