Chinese Culture for Kids Series: The Mid Autumn Festival Questions, Answers, and Coloring Pages

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!  Every Chinese festival is an opportunity for children to learn more about Chinese language and Chinese culture.  Chinese for kids resources at Miss Panda Chinese are designed for parents to use at home and for teachers to use in class.

Miss Panda Chinese Free Teaching Printable Library

Chinese for kids resources at Miss Panda Chinese are designed for parents to use at home and for teachers to use in the classrooms.  Chinese language and Chinese culture go hand in hand on the Chinese language learning journey with our children.  On the Mid Autumn Festival I want to share with you- The Mid Autumn Festival coloring pages from Miss Panda Chinese Free Teaching Printable Library.

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Listen to the ebook: the Mid Autumn Festival A Poem!  Just click and join Miss Panda to read aloud together!

Is it fun?  I hope you enjoy the reading of the story! 

I was so delighted to see questions from you and your children/students about Chinese culture and Chinese festivals.  It has always been fun to read your notes.  You have sent in your questions about The Mid Autumn Festival to Miss Panda and here are the answers!

Chinese Language and Chinese Culture for Children Q & A:  The Mid Autumn Festival

Q: When is Mid Autumn Festival?

A: Mid Autumn Festival is called “Zhōng qiū jié” 中秋節|中秋节 in Chinese and it literally means Mid Autumn Festival.  Mid Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar every year and it is the harvest time.  Chinese people celebrates the harvest time and give thanks to a good year of good harvest.  This is the day family get together and have a family reunion feast.   

Q: Is there a story about Mid Autumn Festival?

A: Yes! There is folk story about the Mid Autumn Festival.  It is a story about the famous archer, Hòu Yį and his wife, Cháng’é.   In the ancient time, there were ten suns in the sky and people were suffering from the heat and the drought.  The well-known archer, Hòu Yį came to the rescue and shot down nine suns. 

He was given elixir of immortality as a reward.  But a friend of  Hòu Yį wanted to steal and take it.  Cháng’é, Hòu Yį’s wife wanted to stop the stealing of this friend and drank up the magic potion. 

After Cháng’é drank it her body felt lighter and lighter and she started floating.  Cháng’é floated all the way to the moon.  When Cháng’é coughed up the magic potion when she got to the moon, it turned into a rabbit.  The rabbit is called “Jade Rabbit” and it was the only companion of Cháng’é in the moon. 

That is why Chinese people take a walk and look at the moon on the evening of the Moon Festival and search for the shadow of the Moon Fairy, Cháng’é and her companion, Jade Rabbit. 

Chinese Culture for Kids: Story of the Mid Autumn Festival (audio: Mandarin Chinese)

Q: Is Mid Autumn Festival also called Moon Festival in Chinese?

A: That is a good question.  The Moon Festival is only used in the Western World.  The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the four major Chinese festivals and its official name in Chinese is “Zhōng qiū jié” 中秋節|中秋节.  The English translation variations other than “Mid Autumn Festival” are “The Mid Autumn Moon Festival, ” “The Moon Festival.”

Q: What do Chinese people do on the Mid Autumn Festival?

A: The celebration of the Mid  Autumn Festival starts a couple of weeks before its arrival.  Businesses will delivery gift bags of moon cakes, gift boxes of pomelos (Chinese grapefruits), and other goodies to their business partners to show gratitude and appreciation of their services.  This gift-giving tradition also applies to families, relatives, and friends.

In China, this time of the year (from October 1, China’s National Day to the Mid Autumn Festival) is called the Golden Week. There are an eight-day holiday this year in 2017 and more than half of the 1.4 billion China’s population, that is 710 million people will be traveling during the Golden Week.  Among them, close to 50% of the people will be on the move by cars and many will be traveling to the neighboring countries, like Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.  Is that amazing?

 In Taiwan, it is very popular for families and friends get together on the Mid Autumn Festival and have a grill (BBQ) party!

What one thing that most of the Chinese people do worldwide is to enjoy the moon cakes, take a walk with the family and look at the moon to see if the kids can spot the shadow of the Moon Fairy, Cháng’é and the Jade Rabbit.  It is a precious family time to celebrate the togetherness.

Q: Are Moon cakes sweet or salty?

Moon cakes fillings are usually sweet, but some fillings can be salty and sweet at the same time.  The popular Cantonese filing with sweet red bean paste and a salty egg yolk is one example.  Many kids enjoy ice cream moon cakes. That is one of my favorite.  Yum!

Q: Is Mid Autumn Festival similar to Thanksgiving?

Mid Autumn Festival is a harvest festival and it has some similarity to the concept of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States (November), Canada (October), Australia, the Netherlands, and a similar celebration is also observed in Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.  

Q: Where can I find Moon Cakes if I am in the U.S.?

You can find authentic Moon Cakes in Chinese supermarket, in a Chinese bakery, in a Chinese restaurant, or in Chinatown if there is in your city.  You can also make your own moon cakes at home.  Grandma Panda makes the most delicious moon cakes and I used to help her making them.  If you want to give it a try you can follow the video below and have a Moon Cake baking party.  Let me know how you like it.

Chinese Culture for Kids:  Make Moon Cakes (English)

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