An Interview with Mia Wenjen on Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming on January 27 in 2018.  Interview with Miss Panda is featuring Mia Wenjen, founder of PragmaticMom and co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Mia is sharing the behind-the-scene story of Multicultural Children’s Book Day and her multicultural parenting story.  This interview is playing on YouTube Miss Panda Chinese channel.

Interview with Miss Panda - Mia Wenjen PragmaticMom | Miss Panda Chinese

Mia Wenjen’s parenting blog, PragmaticMom focuses on books, parenting, and education.  Her book resource is a go-to place for many parents and educators.  Her parenting stories are an enlightenment for parents who grew up in an Asian or diverse background.  Mia is also an entrepreneur.  She started a successful business when she was a college student in Harvard.  Does the Asian high achiever standard impact her parenting style?  What is her discovery about culture diversity on her journey of blogging.  Why did she created Multicultural Children’s Book Day? Hear her story in the interview.

You can watch this interview right on the screen below or you can link to YouTube Miss Panda Chinese channel to view it.

Quick View Timer | Topics

00:00 Mia’s Multicultural family background.

04:35-Does your multicultural family background impact you on your parenting style?

11:30- What motivated you to create Multicultural Children’s Book Day?

19:45-How can parents, teachers, educators, authors, publishers participate in Multicultural Children’s Book Day?

27:00-Lunar New Year is coming next month.  Can you share some book recommendation with us?

32:45- Mia gives us a sneak preview of her new book,  How to Coach Girls that she wrote with Alison Foley.

Why it is important to bring diverse books to children?  Let’s look at the mission statement of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

“Our missions is to not only raise awareness for the kids’ books that celebrate diversity,

but to get more of these books in to classrooms and libraries.

Let’s also see how many people took part in this program last year.  In 2017,  Multicultural Children’s Book Day generated 3.6 BILLION social media share impressions in just 3 days.  You can read my reviews of books for Multicultural Children’s Book Day for 2017, 2016, and 2015.  I will have my book review for 2018 coming out soon.  It is one of the books in the picture below.  Do you want to take a guess?

Chinese New Year Culture Books for Children | Miss Panda Chinese

There are many ways you can be a part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Read below to see how.

  • Get a FREE diversity children’s book. Just do a short review and post on Facebook,  Instagram, YouTube, or  blog.Sign up here.
  • Host an event in your living room, classroom or library (or anywhere else) and get 3 FREE books and a swag bag. Sign up here.
  • Teachers sign up for a free book for your classroom library here.
  • Authors/Publishers: donate books or sign up to be a sponsor here.

Connect with Mia Wenjen and receive update on her resources and her NEW books at:

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  1. Wonderful interview! Mia Wenjen is amazing! Love her work sharing multicultural books and her creation of the Multicultural Children’s Book Day! We are looking forward to my son’s class MCBD party on January 26th! Thank you for sharing this interview and for being my go-to resource for Chinese learning resources!

    • Eugenia, I was so delighted to know you enjoyed the interview. MCBD is such a great initiative. We want to spread the word and let more people be a part of this program for your children. For parents and educators who are raising young world citizens books are a wonderful resource to go beyond the surface of a culture and go deep into a culture. They can read and see values, rules, ways to show respect, etiquette and much more in a culture. Thank you for your wonderful new book “Brandon Eats Jiao Zi” I am looking forward to sharing it with our readers! -Amanda Miss Panda

  2. Love this interview! Thanks for sharing!

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