The Zhuyin Phonetic System (chart below)

Zhuyin is the principal phonetic system used for teaching reading and writing in elementary schools in Taiwan.  Zhuyin has a total of 37 phonetic symbols and consists of all the basic sounds of Mandarin Chinese.  Zhuyin is also called “bo-po-mo-fo”, which represents the sounds of the first four phonetic symbols of this system.  This chart contains the 37 phonetic Zhuyin symbols and the equivalent letters that would be used to represent them in Pinyin.

Zhuyin is thought by some educators to be a more complete phonetic system for learning Mandarin Chinese as its 37 characters represent the 37 basic sounds of Mandarin.  By comparison the Pinyin system makes use of the 26 letters of the English alphabet – making it necessary to combine some of these to represent the basic Mandarin Chinese sounds.

Click here to view our printable Zhuyin to Pinyin Conversion Chart

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