Chinese Culture for Kids Craft Series: Chinese Paper Cutting Craft printable – “Spring” – 春 (chūn)

Miss Panda Chinese paper cutting Spring04

Paper cutting is a fun project for children.  Younger kids will need some adult assistance.  Here is a simple paper cutting craft I do with children for the Chinese New Year.  It is a 3D cutout of the Chinese character for “spring.”  This is a craft that you can use to decorate the house or the classroom.

Paper Cutting Project:  Chinese character = chūn = spring.

What you need:

1. Colored printing papers: Red is always the best color for the Chinese New Year.

2. A pair of scissors

3. String or ribbon for hanging (optional)

Here are the steps:

1. Click on the printable image below and print it on colored paper.

Miss Panda Chinese paper cutting craft Spring template full page

2. Fold two triangles and crease well.  Cut the extra part on top and make the paper a big square.  Then fold the paper in half from the left then from the bottom.

Miss Panda Chinese paper cutting template

3. Push the left and right sides in and form two big triangles back to back. Then flatten the two triangles with template side up.

Miss Panda Chinese - paper cutting craft Spring01

4. Fold the triangle in half. (shown in the left). Then cut out the shaded parts (shown on the right).  You can cut tip of the top off and thread a string or ribbon through for hanging.

Miss Panda Chinese paper cutting craft Spring02

5.  Now open it up and you have the finished project!

Miss Panda Chinese paper cutting craft Spring03

Words and Phrases that you can use while doing this craft:

English – Traditional Chinese characters – Pinyin

spring – 春天chūn tiān

spring festival – 春節 – chūn ​jié​

paper cutting – 剪紙 –  jiǎn​ zhǐ​

craft – 勞作 –  láo​ zuò​

paper – – zhǐ​

color – 顏色 – yán​ sè​

colored paper – 有顏色的紙 – yǒu yán​ sè de zhǐ​

scissors – 剪刀 – jiǎn​ dāo​

to cut – – jiǎn​

to fold –   – zhé​

to open – 打開 – dǎ​ kāi​

Culture note that applies to this craft:

Paper – An Invention of China – History of Paper Kids.

© 2014, Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett, Miss Panda Chinese  All Rights reserved.

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  1. OOOOh so pretty! I bet my daughter Gabriela would love making those on colored paper! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for dropping by. This is a fun craft for kids. You can use colored printing papers or card stock. My daughter also enjoyed this project. Happy Lunar New Year!

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