Chinese Lantern Festival Riddles

Miss Panda Chinese - Lantern Festival Riddle Game

Miss Panda Chinese – Lantern Festival Riddle Game


Are you ready to carry a lantern soon?  How about hosting a riddle game with the kids on the Lantern Festival?  Traditionally the lantern owners write their riddles on the lanterns.  Now you see the riddles written on the papers and are attached to the lanterns at the festival locations.  I always have a Lantern Festival Party with the kids and their friends.  I place the riddles in red envelopes and I clipped them on a golden string.

Riddle Me Riddle Me Printable: Download and have fun!

I have two sets of riddles for your to try.  The first set is in English and the kids always enjoy it.  The second one has the riddles that are used in China and Taiwan for Mandarin Chinese native speakers.  It can be used for children who have some knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese culture.  This is a good game for Chinese culture literacy.  The actual Lantern Festival riddles include puns, classic idioms, saying, quotes, names, places and brainteasers.

Chinese Lantern Festival Riddles - FREE

Chinese Lantern Festival Riddles – FREE

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How to Play the Riddle Game:

1.  Every child will have a turn or two.

2.  You will start with the first child.  He will choose one envelope by the number, open it, then read the riddle inside.

3. Whoever solves the riddle first will receive a prize.  Then the process repeats.

Theme Words and Phrases to Know:

lantern  – 燈籠 Dēng lóng

to carry a lantern – 提燈籠 Tí dēng lóng

Lantern Festival – 元宵節 Yuán xiāo jié

riddles – 謎語 Mí yǔ

solve the (Lantern Festival) Riddles  – (元宵)燈謎  Cāi (yuán xiāo) dēng mí

answer (n.) – 答案 Dá àn

answer (v.) – 回答 Huí dá

Happy Lantern Festival! 元宵節快樂 Yuán xiāo jié kuài lè

Happy Lantern Festival! (photo credit on the image)

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