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Chinese Songs for Kids: Chinese Christmas Carols and Classic Pop Songs Flash Mop

Merry Christmas to All Our Friends Around the World! ~Miss Panda Chinese

Welcome the holiday season with Chinese Christmas Carols and Chinese classic pop songs performed by Chinese Flash Mob groups!  As children are counting down to the Christmas day you can add Chinese Christmas carols and Chinese songs to the daily routine.  Music and songs are fun and engaging tools for acquiring languages. From Taiwan to China, here are three outdoor celebration concerts that will take you to experience the joy of music.  You will hear Chinese Christmas

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Chinese Songs for Kids: Sing and Learn Chinese Turkey in the Straw

Chinese song for kids sing and learn Chinese | Miss Panda Chinese

In this Chinese song for kids post, I want to introduce Chinese Turkey in the Straw from my Sing and Learn Chinese song collection. Children sing and learn from a very young age.  Studies have shown that singing to babies and toddlers help early language development, literacy skills and beyond.  November’s Chinese songs for kids is featuring Turkey in the Straw, a familiar tune that many children enjoy.  You can download Chinese song for kids: sing and

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Sing to Learn Chinese: Sorry, My Chinese Is Not Good

Singing a fun song to learn Chinese!  We are singing “Sorry, my Chinese is not good.) by Transition Band. This song is a story about the mistakes the Transition band members made when they first started learning Mandarin Chinese.  It has a catchy tune and it tells that the tones in Chinese are important.  The title of the song is a polite sentence to say to tell people that you are learning Chinese and you are a

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Chinese Song for Children Sing and Learn Chinese Jingle Bells

Sing and learn Chinese Jingle Bell | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Song for Children is featuring a Chinese Christmas Carol Jingle Bells!  Sing and learn Chinese Jingle Bells song, a tune that children are familiar with.  I have included a Chinese Jingle Bells music video with Chinese subtitle in this article so  you can use at home or in your class.  Culture Question:  Do Chinese kids sing Jingle Bells? World Culture Quick Facts:  Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?  Some do.  Christianity arrived in China in Tang dynasty

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Fun with Chinese: Sing and Dance with Hakuna Matata

Lion King Hakuna Matata lyrics in Chinese and pinyin

Summer vacation is here!  Let’s kick off our Summer Fun with Chinese right now.  This is a fantastic time to have fun and to learn with your child.  Playful learning is always the best!  Summer is a season full of energy and we can be as silly as we can (well, I think I am always like that).  And we can hangout outside all day long.  We can grab this opportunity and follow the joyful learning plan

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Sing to Learn Chinese: I Miss You Very Much

Singing is always a great way to get the children move around and have fun.  I know I always do.  When I do the kids follow.  What a relaxing method to engage the kids!  Music is a fantastic tool to learn a language. Do you like karaoke?  Have you been to a karaoke party?  Many families have their own karaoke equipment at home.  There are karaoke apps available as well so you can sing when you are

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Sing to Learn Chinese: Sing, Rap, Speak Chinese!

Sing, Rap, Speak Chinese! Teaching Children a Foreign Language with Songs and Movement Singing is a joyful way of learning and an effective way to teach languages to children of all ages. Are you ready to try “London Bridge” in Mandarin Chinese with your little one now? Have fun! – 玩得開心 – Wán de kāi xīn! Back in my pre-mommy days I used to teach Chinese children English. When my own children were born I was determined

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Chinese for Kids Song Series: Traditional Chinese Lunar New Year Songs

As we await the arrival of the Year of the Rooster on January 28th I would like to share some of the traditional Chinese songs performed by several flash mobs.  In the video below we go on a tour to experience the Lunar New Year culture in Taipei, Taiwan. You will see Dí Huà Street, the well-known Lunar New Year Boulevard, where you can purchase almost everything you need for the Chinese New Year. You will also

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Sing and Learn Chinese: Sing Chinese Eensy Weensy Spider

Sing and learn Chinese Eensy Weensy Spider | Miss Panda Chinese

Sing and learn Chinese is featuring Chinese “Eensy Weensy Spider” song!  Music and songs help children’s literacy skills from spoken language to written words.  Music activities are engaging, interactive, and fun for children.  Come and join me! Sing and learn Chinese Eensy Weensy Spider Chinese “Eensy Weensy Spider” song has six sentences and it has a storyline.  Story!  Yes!  This is a fantastic song to sing with the kids because there are high frequency words like- small|

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Introduce Chinese to Children Through Songs Ni Hao Number Songs

Sing and learn Chinese number song | Miss Panda Chinese

Introduce Chinese to Children Through Songs: Ni Hao and Number Songs are the first songs all my kids learn on the first day of school.  The excitement level goes up as the number goes up! Singing, Dancing and Finger Play Singing, dancing, and finger play are lots of fun for young children.  Kids enjoy rhythmic patterns and music.  It is a joyful shared experience when you sing with your little ones.  You clap our hands, stomp our

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