Read Around the World Summer Reading Series: What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor

Read Around the World Summer Reading Series

What Was It like, Mr. Emperor?

Life in China’s Forbidden City


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Images of “What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?” courtesy of Tuttle Publising, China Institute, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.

In this book, readers will go on an adventure to learn about the life of the emperor living in the Forbidden City in China.  Do you know the emperor is supremely noble?  Do you think common people can visit him?  Do you know who unified the divided states of China in 200 BC?  Do you know how the emperors addressed themselves?  Do you know how much allowances were arranged for the princes, princesses, sons and daughters of princes and princesses?  You will also get to know what schooling was like for the princes so they could be prepared to become an emperor one day.   You will also find out which emperor moved the capital of China to Beijing, and much more!

There are  five sections in “What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?”  An introduction.  The Emperor.  The Emperor Speaks.  The Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  A Letter for you, in the future.

History is vivid in front of your eyes with engaging stories and fun illustration.  Children ages 9 and up to adult will enjoy this wonderful book.  “What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?” reveals the unknown of the Forbidden City in a way that children can understand and journey through the Chinese history.

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Disclaimer: I have received a copy of “What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor?” for review.   All opinions are my own.






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