Chinese for Kids App Series: Top 18 Chinese Learning Apps for Kids

The mobile devices have become a part of our learning in or out of our home or in the classroom.  I like the flexibility and the variety that apps provide.  Here I have picked over 20 Chinese languagelearning apps that are educational and entertaining for your bilingual child.  This is a 2017 update.  I kept the non-native speaking parents and children in mind when I made the selection.  Many of the Chinese language learning apps have language

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St. Patrick’s Day Phrases in Chinese

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s look at the phrases used on St. Patrick’s day.  Here are the mini lessons with three pictures.    

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Bilingual Parenting: The Triumphs and Challenges of Raising our Little Linguists

By: Chontelle Bonfiglio “Mummy, how do you say caterpillar in Spanish?” asks my four year old. Something I never thought I would ever hear. I don’t speak Spanish, and had to quickly send his teacher a voice message to ask her! I actually had to translate it into Italian so she could understand me, then wait for her reply to let us know what it means in Spanish. My son would not go to bed until he

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Multilingual Children Celebrate Pi Day

 Multilingual children celebrate Pi day in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish in this Pi Day video!  Hop in and join us! Pi π Day is on March 14 and it is celebrated all over the world.  Pi (π in Greek) is a mathematics symbol.  3.14 is usually what we use when work on simple calculation of a circle.  For children who are learning languages Pi day can be a fun day for reading the digits of

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Bilingual Parenting: Wonders of Raising A Bilingual Child

“Wow!  You are raising a bilingual child.  It must be easy for you because you speak the language…” a lady on the playground once told me.  Is it easy?  What do you think? Parenting is exciting, but we all know that and it can be challenging at times too.  Parenting in two languages is definitely rewarding, but it also requires some creativity from us as parents when we are being challenged. A friend of mine is raising

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6 Things I Love About Bilingual Kids

  Love and laughter are a wonderful part of the bilingual journey. Along the way I’ve discovered these secrets of bilingual kids!   Here are 6 things I love about bilingual kids: 1.  They are curious in two languages. When they see something new they always want to know more about it, what to call it, and why. 2.  Their sense of humor is doubled – at least. They tell jokes in two languages, and even in

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Valentine’s Day: LOVE 愛 Aiˋ ㄞˋ Craft Fun with Printables

Song: Treasure My Precious Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is a song for you and your child – Treasure My Precious! Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Are you going to make some special cookies?  Are you going to make special cards for your friends?  Miss Panda and Multicultural Kids Blog have a collection of circle toppers in multiple languages for you to choose from and to create your cards.   Here are the printable sets in traditional

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Chinese Lantern Festival Riddles

Chinese Lantern Festival Riddles - FREE

  Are you ready to carry a lantern soon?  How about hosting a riddle game with the kids on the Lantern Festival?  Traditionally the lantern owners write their riddles on the lanterns.  Now you see the riddles written on the papers and are attached to the lanterns at the festival locations.  I always have a Lantern Festival Party with the kids and their friends.  I place the riddles in red envelopes and I clipped them on a

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Chinese Lantern Festival – Yuán xiāo jié – 元宵節 Lanterns and Tradition

Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival – Yuán xiāo jié – 元宵節 is on February 11 this year (2017).  It  is the fifteenth day of the lunar new year and it is time to carry the lanterns and celebrate the last day of the Lunar New Year festivities.  The Lantern Festival marks the end of the fifteen days of New Year celebration. What do people do on Lantern Festival?  There are three activities that most Chinese people participate annually.  In

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Chinese Culture for Kids: Lion Dance and Dragon Dance

Year of the Rooster

 Picture Chinese Series:  Chinese New Year Special     The Chinese New Year celebration is a 15-day festivity.  With all the Spring Festival cultural events going on around the world this is a great time to locate one and to experience the celebration in person in your area.  If there is nothing similar locally you can join me to see what it is like.  I got a chance to visit Chinatown in Washington DC.  The year of

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