Multilingual Children Celebrate Pi Day

 Multilingual children celebrate Pi day in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish in this Pi Day video!  Hop in and join us!

Pi π Day is on March 14 and it is celebrated all over the world.  Pi (π in Greek) is a mathematics symbol.  3.14 is usually what we use when work on simple calculation of a circle.  For children who are learning languages Pi day can be a fun day for reading the digits of π.  How many digits can you read in one breath?  How many digits can you read in 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds…  We are not having a reciting challenge we are playing with the numbers in Pi π.  The infinite nature of Pi π has endless possibility for number activities in different languages.  What a fun activity for bilingual children!

Miss Panda’s cub kicks off the Pi π Day Celebration video with multilingual children in Mandarin Chinese.  MeiMei is wearing braces now but she is doing a fabulous job to make sure all the numbers are said clearly.  Mama Tortuga brings us Pi π in Spanish.  Our Spanish presenter is 9 years old.  Her reading is so much fun with all the excitement in the background as well.  Raising World Citizens show us how to read digits of Pi π in French as a duet.  It is impressive to hear the beauty of the rhythm by our French presenters.  Trilingual Children are located in Europe.  They show us how to read Pi π in Italian and Russian in the most adorable and playful way.  Our presenter are 5-year-old and 7-year-old.   Watch the video below and join us celebrate the fun reading of numbers of π.  Follow the number in the picture below and say it with us in your target language!



Follow the numbers below and read with us in your target language!  A fun Multilingual Children brain workout!

Let’s say the digits of Pi in your target language


How many Pi = π= can you spot in the picture below?

– pài is how we say pi π in Chinese.   This character – pài is also used for “pie!”


Happy Pi π Day!


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