Miss Panda’s Reading Playground – “Goodnight Moon” – in Mandarin Chinese

“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

Taiwanese Chinese edition (Mandarin Chinese with Traditional Characters)

Reading a familiar book in a second language is a routine you can have with your child at home, perhaps as a bed time story.  Young children enjoy the repetition of the stories they already know and it is a wonderful way to introduce early reading in a second language.

My son loved “Goodnight Moon” so much as a baby that he almost chewed away a quarter of the book during the period when he was teething!  Later we discovered he had learned the words to the story so well that we could stop at the end of each sentence and he would finish it.  This is a strategy you can use with your little one when you read or listen to familiar books together in your target language.

Reading a familiar book , singing a familiar song, and playing a familiar game in a target language are good ways to make the language learning experience a part of your everyday routine.

Now let’s read “Yuè liàng wǎn ān” –  月亮晚安 and say good night to a beautiful day!

Can you hear these phrases or words in the story?:

Moon -Yuè liàng – 月亮

Good night – Wǎn’ān – 晚安

Cow jumping over the moon – Tiào guò yuè liàng de niú  –  跳過月亮的牛

Can you point to the pictures and say these words in Chinese?:

light – Tái dēng – 檯燈

balloon – Qì qiú – 氣球

chairs – Yǐ zi –  椅子

kittens – Xiǎo māo – 小貓

clocks – Shí zhōng – 時鐘

socks – Wà zi – 襪子

mouse – Lǎo shǔ – 老鼠

brush – Shuā zi – 刷子

comb – Shū zi  – 梳子

stars – Xīng xīng – 星星


Ask a question:

Do you have pictures in your room? – Nǐ de fáng jiān li yǒu huà ma? – 你的房間裡有畫嗎?

1. Yes, I do.    – Wǒ yǒu  – 我有

2. No, I don’t.   – Wǒ méi yǒu – 我没有

Watch, listen and have fun!

“Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd –

Taiwanese Chinese edition (Mandarin Chinese with Traditional Characters)

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  1. We have and love this book! I’ll have to play your reading for my children, and see if they can pick out any of the words!

    • Welcome! Thank you for dropping by. I am curious about their reaction with the Mandarin Chinese version. It would be fun.

  2. Hi miss. Panda,

    I’ve just stumble upon your website.
    My kids love books, English books, and I found it hard reading Chinese books to them. So, how glad I am to find you, with your reading playground filled with my kid’s favorite books. Thank you, thank you, I know my kids are gonna love this. In fact I am going to show it to them first thing in the morning! Keep up the great work!

    • Welcome! Thank you for your kind words. These are the books I read to my own children when they were younger. i hope these stories can help your children start their reading time in Chinese.

  3. I think Good Night Moon is a favorite of many children! It’s also one of my son’s favorite books. How exciting to see the version in Chinese. Thank you so much for sharing at Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!

  4. Thank you for linking up to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the idea of using a book that children are already familiar with (and love) to work on second language learning.

    • You are very welcome. it is such pleasure to link up with so many wonderful and creative Mom writers. Learning a second language for kids is very different from learning a language as an adult. I hope we can always have fun on the journey.

  5. Thank you Miss Panda! I am of Chinese decent and unfortunately I do not speak Chinese. I am a preschool teacher and I love the book Good Night Moon. — Leslie

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