Miss Panda’s Reading Playground – “Good Night, Gorilla” – in Mandarin Chinese

“Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann

“Good Night, Gorilla” – “Wǎn ān dà xīng xīng” is a cute story with a lot of vocabulary potential. At the basic level children can learn the animal words, and how to say “good night.”  If you know the color words you can review color words with this book too.  Look at the keys on the key ring.  What colors do you see?  How about the moon?  What is the color of the moon?  What is the color of the gorilla?  What is the color of the flashlight?

Can you hear these phrases or words in the story?:

Good night – Wǎn’ān – 晚安

Dear – Qīn ài de –  親愛的

Can you say these animal names in Chinese?:

gorilla – Dà xīng xīng – 大猩猩

elephant – Dà xiàng – 大象

lion – Shī zi  – 獅子

hyena – Liè gǒu – 鬣狗  or Tǔ láng – 土狼

giraffe – Cháng jǐng lù – 長頸鹿

armadillo – Qiú yú – 犰狳

mouse – Lǎo shǔ – 老鼠

How about these objects?:

flashlight – Shǒu diàn tǒng – 手電筒

banana – Xiāng jiāo –  香蕉

key – Yào shi – 鑰匙

door – Mén –

Thought question:

Would you like to have a cute gorilla sleep on your bed?

1. I would like it.  – Wǒ huì xǐ huan.  – 我會喜歡

2. I would be scared.  – Wǒ huì hài pà. – 我會害怕

Watch, listen and have fun!

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“Good Night, Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann – Chinese edition

Miss Panda Chinese - Good Night Gorilla in Mandarin

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