Miss Panda’s Reading Playground – “Dear Zoo” – in Mandarin Chinese

Miss Panda Chinese - Dear Zoo in Chinese and English edition

“Dear Zoo”

by Rod Campbell


This is a great book for language-learning with its simple story and repetition of words and sentences.  Children can easily review and learn the describing words for each animal.

Fun words to remember:

1. Pet – Chǒng wù ()

2. Animal – Dòng wù ()

Thought question:

If the zoo sent you a baby panda for a pet what would you do?

1. I will send it back. – Wǒ bǎ tā sòng huí qù.  我把牠送回去

2. I will keep it. – Wǒ bǎ tā liú xià lái. 我把牠留下來


Watch, listen and have fun!

If you have a favorite children’s book that you would like to read in Mandarin Chinese just send me a message to let me know.


Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell – Chinese & English edition

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