“Miao Mi” App Helps Children Learn Mandarin Chinese at Home and On The Go

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by App Masters for “Miao Mi” APP.  All opinions are my own.

It is difficult for parents in North America to find quality Chinese language learning resources for their kids,” said Todd Miller, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment, a leading media company in Asia that creates and operates popular channels focusing on Asian entertainment, including “Miao Mi.” “We created Miao Mi to give parents a wide range of entertaining and educational programs and games to help give their pre-schoolers a head start learning this increasingly vital global language.


Get ready to experience fun Mandarin Chinese learning with “Miao Mi” app with its WATCH section featuring over 500 child-friendly videos and LEARN section showcasing basic Chinese words, phrases and interactive games.  “Miao Mi” app is bringing authentic materials to Chinese language learning at home or in the classroom.  The programs curated in this app are entertaining and educational for children at preschool ages and up.

This is the edutaining app I wish existed when my children were at the preschool and early elementary school ages.  As a world language-Mandarin Chinese teacher I want to have a variety of learning resources for my children and students.  I especially like authentic materials because they are wonderful for language learning.  Authentic materials are made for native speakers.  The words, phrases, and sentences you hear in this kind of resources are used in real life conversation and communication.  You can see popular children’s programs in China for Chinese children in “Miao Mi” App and that carries a cultural perspective on the learning journey.

Miao Mi App featuring eight age-appropriate and entertaining programs

The shows on “Miao Mi” are developed by leading children’s programming producers in Asia, and feature adorable characters and age-appropriate storylines.  Let’s look at some of the featured programs in the Watch section of the app.

  1. “Star Babies” is a highly acclaimed animated series inspired by Chinese icons,  Bruce Lee and Monkey King.  This program delivers good virtues concept to children.

  2. “Our Friend Remy Bear” is an award winning animated series that teaches children important life lessons of being kind and sharing.

  3. “Eori” is a Korean animated series that features stories based on Asian folktales.

  4. “Secret Y” is an animated series that introduces scientific knowledge to children.

  5. “Pleasant Goat Fun Class” is an educational series featuring world-famous characters from the Chinese “Pleasant Goat” cartoon series.  This program promotes cognitive and life skills.

Miao Mi App features an interactive learning area for learning basic Chinese words and phrases

Now, let’s take a look at the Learn section in the “Miao Mi” app.  Currently, there are currently 5 categories: Greetings, Body Parts, Family, Pets, and Transportation.  You have six to eight animated flashcards of commonly used Chinese words and phrases in each category.  You will see Chinese characters (simplified form), Pinyin and English on each card and you will hear clear Mandarin pronunciation of the term.  Each Chinese words/phrase is repeated four times to enhance language input.

Miao Mi App Bring Mandarin Chinese to Your Home

The vocabulary level on the “Miao Mi” app works with what K-2 students in Mandarin immersion programs across the U.S. are learning. The “Miao Mi” app features a child-friendly navigation interface and English/Mandarin Chinese language support.  Parents and children can enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese in a safe, secure and ad-free environment.

The “Miao Mi” app is now available for free download with a 7-day free trial at the App Store for iOS  “Miao Mi” is also available at Amazon Prime Video on Amazon Channels for $5.99 per month.  Join the fun and have a sneak preview of the “Miao Mi” app at  www.miaomi-tv.com.

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  1. looks great! can’t wait to check it out

  2. This looks like a great app! Love that I can find it in Google App Store!

    • I was always delighted to see this app is on different platforms so people have access to it no matter what kind of devices they have. Thank you for sharing your feedback with me. -Miss Panda

  3. I love their graphics, something that my girls would love!

    • Their previous apps have proved the quality of their products and it is wonderful to see they have such a good collection of programs from China and Asia this time. Enjoy and have fun with your girls! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us. -Miss Panda

  4. This looks like something kids would really have fun playing – and learning at the same time!

    • All learning needs multi-direction enhancement and it help children to learn in various ways. This is a good learning resource especially for Chinese language learning. Its English-Mandarin Chinese bilingual support will help non-native speaking families to use this app at ease. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. -Miss Panda

  5. I love the cultural component and rich language in this app. I will definitely recommend it to families looking for resources in Chinese. Good materials are so hard to find!

    • That is very true. It is difficult for non-native speaking parents to locate Chinese language resources and this app gives a good option for the parents and educators to choose from. Thank you very much for sharing your insight with us. ~Miss Panda

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