Chinese for Kids Series: Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep from Jeremy Lin



Here is a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year greetings video in Mandarin Chinese from NBA Star, Jeremy Lin!  The NBA will be celebrating Chinese New Year with the “Surprise Door” television commercial featuring the Golden State Warrioir’s Stephen Curry, the Houston Rockets’ James Harden, the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade, and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Jeremy Lin paying a surprise visit to a Chinese family.  This TV spot will be on air in China and in the U.S.

Now watch the video below.  Can you catch any words or phrases that Jeremy and/or the Chinese family said?  Pay attention and have fun catching the words/phrases!  The answers are listed below.


1. 過年好!

– guò nián hǎo. (lit. translation- passing the year good)- Happy Near Year!

2. 唉呀! 太早了。

–  āi ya! tài zǎo le. (lit. translation- Oh! Too early.)- Oh! It is too early./It is not ready yet.

3. 過來。

– guò lái. (lit. translation- come over.)- Come over.

4. 羊年賀歲。

– yáng nián hè suì. (lit. Sheep year greeting.)-Happy Year of the Sheep!


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