Chinese for Kids: Solar Eclipse Coloring Page, Task Cards and More

We are excited about Solar Eclipse 2017!  Learning Chinese with total solar eclipse is fun!

I hope you find it exciting as you are learning Chinese or teaching Chinese to young learners.  We have prepared some tools for your science observation for this amazing event if you are located in northern American.  Some people will see total solar eclipse and some will see partial solar eclipse.  Where are you located and what are you going to see?  When you are waiting for the arrival of this great event you can follow the tips and resources included here to have fun and learn some important Chinese phrases.  Take a look at the Chinese for Kids – Solar Eclipse kit for Kids here and enjoy the Chinese solar eclipse coloring page, Chinese pinhole projector template in Chinese characters, U.S. map and more!  Download free Chinese solar eclipse learning pages below!

Make Your Own Printed Pinhole Projector in Chinese Characters 日全食 – Total Solar Eclipse

Miss Panda Chinese – 2017 Solar Eclipse learning unit: traditional Chinese with pinyin and English support/

– Click for this FREE download Miss Panda Chinese STEM craft and learning Solar Eclipse!

Also, make sure you follow all the resources below to learn more about solar eclipse!

Science Observer’s Tool:  Global Observer app

Solar Eclipse Observer’s Guide from NASA

Eclipse 2017 with NASA: Watch HERE.

Printed Pinhole Projectors in the shape of the United States: Download directions and Printable

National Air and Space Museum – Solar Eclipse educational events

2017 Solar Eclipse: Why is it special (audio in Mandarin Chinese)

2017 Solar Eclipse: What will you see (audio in Mandarin Chinese)

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