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Dragon Boat Festival is called ” Duān Wǔ Jié” 端午節(traditional Chinese writing form)|端午节(simplified Chinese writing form).  To celebrate the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month I have prepared an English-Chinese bilingual Dragon Boat Festival story e-book for you and your child to enjoy!  Our special thanks go to my artist friend, Matt Cox.  Are the dragon boat and dragon illustration gorgeous in the e-book?  You can print them out for coloring pages for your child.  This is an easy simple story in English, Chinese, and Pinyin.  Follow the steps below and download this English-Chinese bilingual e-book with audio.  Make sure you also join the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Giveaway to add all the gifts to your world library!  Add your culture learning resource to the linking collection and share with our global community!


Dragon Boat Festival: A Bilingual E-book in English, Chinese and Pinyin (Traditional Chinese edition & Simplified Chinese edition )  @Artist: Matt Cox

To keep your heritage strong at home stories are always a wonderful tool.  Children love stories and even simple short stories can inspire them to learn about the heritage culture.  If you are raising a bilingual children in English and Chinese stories are also an engaging tool to help your child learn about Chinese culture.  We have learned some quick facts about Dragon Boat Festival here in this postTo learn more about Dragon Boat festival, you need to know the story of the beloved patriotic poet and a minister, Qu Yuan 屈原 in the Warring States (403-340 BC) of ancient China.  Qu Yuan was loved by his fellow citizens but he was alienated by the emperor and then was in exile.  When his country was taken over by the Qing years later.  Qu Yuan heard the news, jumped into Mi Lou River 汨羅江|汨罗江 and  drowned.  People took the long big boat out to rescue him.  They beat the drums and they threw rice dumplings into the river to prevent fish eating Qu Yuan’s body.  This gradually became the Dragon Boat race we see today to commemorate the patriotic poem.

Dragon Boat race is now an international event held in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  Watch the Dragon Boat race events in the videos below and experience the excitement!  My kids and I did a Dragon Boat race a couple of years ago.  It was a family fun version of the race.  It was exciting but it was not as easy as it looked on television.  It is teamwork.  It is a lot of teamwork.  The drummer leads the team.  The team needs to work together to reach the flag.  What an amazing experience!   Let’s check out the Dragon Boat Race tournament in China first.

Training of a Dragon Boat Race team and Making of Miniature Dragon Boats

10 Taiwan Festivals You Can’t Missby A Laowai’s View of Taiwan:  In addition to Dragon Boat Festival, what other festivals in Taiwan you should know about.  Find out here:

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Giveaway

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From Miss Panda Chinese: Winner’s choice of an “Everyday” learning unit with audio links
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1st Prize

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From Miss Panda Chinese: Winner’s choice of an “Everyday” learning unit with audio links
From Tingomo: Passport Craft™ Kit: Make Your Own NEPAL Paper Prayer Flags US Shipping Only, will ship in July

APAHM Series and Giveaway: 2nd Prize | Multicultural Kid Blogs

2nd Prize

From The Dumpling Mama: Pack of 20 good luck envelopes: Give good luck wishes with money in a red envelope. Perfect for Lunar New Year, birthdays, graduations, and holidays US/Canada Shipping Only
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From Miss Panda Chinese: Winner’s choice of an “Everyday” learning unit with audio links

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