Chinese Play and Learn: Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain

The Chinese Christmas countdown chain is wrapped on the Christmas tree.  Making a countdown chain every year has become a family tradition since my kids were preschoolers.  Holiday season is a wonderful time to add seasonal craft projects to the Chinese language and culture learning session at home and in the classroom.

Chinese Christmas craft | Miss Panda Chinese

This hands-on activity can be a center time project,  a group program or  an individual one.  Chinese numbers are printed on the colored papers.  Every number strip has the Arabic numeral number and pinyin on top followed by Chinese number characters.  Kids will practice their number skills with this educational and engaging task.

For younger children this can be a count up chain. For older children this can  be a count down chain.  You can save every ring after each day and use them for a Number Toss game with pom poms.  Fun learning never stops!

Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain craft | Miss Panda Chinese


You will find the following in the Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain packet.

  • 5 chain topper designs.

  • Numbered chain link pages with Chinese numbers 1 to 25.  Each Chinese number strip has a matching numeral number and pinyin on top of the strip to reinforce the visual and understanding of each Chinese number.

  • English-pinyin-Chinese support pages have directions and “Sentences You Can Use” section. {This is a great tool and a reference for non-Chinese speaking parents if you are sending this project home for students to work on.}

  • Teaching Notes.

  • Versions available at  Teachers Pay Teachers

    • Traditional Chinese-pinyin-English version

    • Simplified Chinese-pinyin-English version

I use a lot of hands-on learning activities at home and in my classes.  Hands-on projects engage children.  Kids learn well when they are having fun.  Playful learning with a purpose is what I do in my Chinese program.  This Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain activity has meaning for kids because they are excited for the arrival of Christmas.

Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain craft | Miss Panda Chinese

A simple task can make children feel successful because they are able to work on it independently and have fun while working on it.  Hands-on activities is a wonderful way to teach new skills or new concepts that builds on what kids already acquire.

You will see your kids count the rings carefully every day as I did and they will know exactly how many rings are left.  Playing learning with a purpose – and this is one of these activities you can use during this holiday season!

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