Chinese New Year Blog Party and Giveaway!

Enter the Chinese New Year Blog Party Giveaway and win 3 awesome prizes!

February 10th marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2013.  This coming Saturday evening we say “farewell” to the auspicious dragon of 2012 and “welcome!” to a prosperous Year of the Snake!  Chinese people also call the Year of the Snake the Year of the “Little Dragon.”  In Mandarin Chinese rather than call this occasion “the Chinese New Year ” we call it “the Spring Festival” (Chūn jié – 春節 (春节)) or “the Lunar New Year” (Nóng lì xīn nián 農曆新年 (农历新年)).  At this time in China and Taiwan students have their winter break while parents receive Chinese New Year holidays from their work.  People travel from all over to return to their hometowns to be with their families before the festival begins.  Everyone wants to make it home for the Chinese New Year’s Eve family feast!  This is what I love the most about the Chinese New Year – the celebration of the family!

While Chinese New Year is the most celebrated annual holiday in much of Asia, as you can see below people from all around the world from different cultures and ethnicities are also celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about it. Miss Panda Chinese is honored to join with our multicultural community of bloggers in celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Snake!  We have prepared three fabulous prizes for one of our lucky readers.  Please enjoy the various Chinese New Year themes and craft projects described in the blogs listed here and don’t forget to enter the  Chinese New Year Blog Party Giveaway below!

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Happy Chinese New Year – Blog Party


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Happy Chinese New Year – Blog Giveaway!

Thank you for celebrating the Chinese New Year with us!  Our lucky winner will receive three awesome prizes:

1. A snake-shaped lantern with flashing light,

2. A Year of the Snake Lucky Money Note


3. A double luck (“Xi”) Chinese character coaster!

Enter the Chinese New Year Blog Party Giveaway and win 3 awesome prizes!

Enter our Chinese New Year Blog Party Giveaway below and be the super winner!  Happy Year of the Snake!

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  1. What a tremendous resource – congratulations! Thanks to all the participants, but especially Miss Panda for putting it together!

    • Leanna, Thank you very much! It is such a pleasure to have so many wonderful multicultural community bloggers join me in the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

  2. I just this collection! We’ll be celebrating Lunar New Year on Sunday…thanks for sharing these ideas!

    • Thank you very much for visiting us. There are so many great ideas in this collection. It is such a good resource to share with parents and teachers.

  3. Great ideas to share

  4. Thanks!

  5. This is awesome!

  6. Wow! What a wonderful compilation of resources and ideas for celebrating the Chinese New Year! Thank you for including mine.

    • Frances, it is indeed a great collection. I love them all. It is such a pleasure to have you join us. Thank you!

  7. Can’t wait to share these activities with the kids I babysit!

  8. I love Miss Panda’s poss and her cd! What a great way to learn Mandarin. And this give-away makes it even more fun so we all can catch the spirit of the new year!

  9. What a wonderful list of resources! We don’t have Asian heritage but we love the culture and our 3 year old loves learning Mandarin! This weekend we are going to the Asian Festival to keep learning about this fantastic holiday! Xie Xie for the chance to win 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting! It is wonderful to know how much your 3 year old loves learning Mandarin. Culture and language go hand in hand. Have a great time learning about Chinese Lunar New Year!

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