Top 10 Chinese Learning Apps for Kids

What is your favorite app?  Why do you like it?  Do you use any apps to learn something new?  My boy likes to play games and read books on his device.  My girl likes to draw and listen to stories on hers.  I like to listen to music, read recipes, and play the language-learning apps on mine.  The mobile devices have become a part of our learning in or out of our home or in the classroom.  I like the flexibility and the variety that the apps have and I would like to share with you the 10 Chinese learning apps that are educational and entertaining for children.  Enjoy!

Miss Panda Chinese Top 5 Chinese Learning Apps

The apps that I list here are the ones designed for children who are learning Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language and ages at 5+.  Lingu Pinguin, Chinese Flashcards and Chungaboo are interactive flashcards that teach words.  Piggy Picnic and Rick & Jackie are games that teach words, phrases and basic sentences.

Lingu Pinguin (Mandarin Chinese) – It is an interactive English-Chinese picture dictionary with audio.  The vocabulary themes are animals, transportation, food, face & body, farm, toys, nature, clothes, and house.  There is a quiz section for review. Pronunciation: standard Mandarin Chinese.  Audio options: English and Mandarin Chinese.  There is one pronunciation of one character can be noted in this set that is “penguin” in Mandarin Chinese.  It is read as Qǐ é – Qǐ  (3) – 3rd tone and it can also be read as  Qì é. Qi(4) – 4th tone.

Chinese Flashcards (Mandarin Chinese & multilingual) by INKids (Animal set/Mandarin Chinese version) – This is a flashcard app with very nice illustration for young children.  I like that the Chinese characters are included in each card.  It is important that you select “Mandarin Chinese” in the language setting to hear the correct pronunciation.  Audio options: English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese.

Chungaboo – Language Series (Multilingual including Mandarin Chinese/Words set) – This is a multilingual app for kids including Mandarin Chinese. It is a beautiful and entertaining set.  Touch the pictures and see what happens.  When you select Chinese in language setting you will see Pinyin (pronunciation guide) with tone marks on each card.  This set has 20 interactive cards.  Audio: Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

Go beyond words and learn some basic sentences

Piggy Picnic  – This app uses immersion approach. You can select English in setting to understand the questions when needed.  Teaching Chinese as a second language approach.

Rick & Jacky  – This is an entertaining and educational app. This app introduces words and basic sentence patterns.  Teaching Chinese as a second language approach.

Feed Me Chinese: This is a multilingual app and the Mandarin Chinese version is educational and entertaining.  It is designed in immersion style and it is fun and challenging at each level for children with some Chinese background.

 Miss Panda App Pick: Feed Me - Chinese

How about adding listening/reading stories to our daily routine

Books by RyeStudio

RyeBooks by RyeStudio: RyeStudio has a very good collection of Chinese classic stories read in Mandarin Chinese with Chinese characters (in traditional or simplified characters or in Pinyin).  You can start from the free stories first.

TinmanArtsInteractive Books by Tinman Arts:  Tinman Arts is another app that has a good collection of Chinese classic and contemporary stories.  English stories translated into Chinese and read in Chinese are also available.  My young students and older ones all enjoy their interactive design of the stories.  Try a free story and see the reaction of your young learner.

Let’s try writing Chinese Characters: Writing Chinese Characters is fun


Chinese Writer by trainchinese: This is excellent app for writing practice and sight words exercise. You can select the Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese version on the app. FREE version with in-app purchase option.  This app is good for children who are Grade 3 and above.

Just for fun:  Are you Hungry?  Watch out!  This one can be addictive for elementary school kids.

Chinese Fridge Dim Sum

Chinese Fridge Dim Sum: Sight words for Dim Sum dishes and it is entertaining. There are 5 dish names to learn. Standard Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Chinese characters options: Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, and Pinyin.  Be ready to order your Dim Sum dish in Chinese next time.


The best way to use the apps:

1. Play with the app as a parent first.

2. Play with the app with your child together.

3. Select 3 to 5 words that you have learned, write them down and use them in the next 24 hours with your child.  Add more words in the following week.

4. Break down each unit into short sessions according to your need so it is not overwhelming with all the new words.

5. Put down the device, go out and use the words, phrases, and sentences that you have learned in real life!  Have fun!

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 *This is an independent review and in order to maintain its independence and impartiality, Miss Panda Chinese buys and tests the apps it evaluates.*

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  1. Great recommendations and reviews! Just a quick note. Penguin should be pronounced Qi(3rd) e(2nd), not Qi(4th)

  2. For adult, learning a new language does not need to be funny, but be fast. A free app for learning some common pinyin here:

  3. Hi. we have some of the above. Right now my 4 yr old likes Gus on the Go the best. Little Pim is kind of lame… Look forward to trying Rick and Jacky. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for these Miss Panda.

    We have an app called Fun Chinese. It’s for kids but some adults like it too.

    • Dan, FC is on my device and we enjoy it. We also tried the Spanish one. They are both educational and entertaining for kids and adults. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. Hi,

    I recently developed an iPad and iPhone app for preschool and early elementary school children to learn basic Mandarin vocabulary.

  6. TalkingLearn – Learn Chinese is one of the most interesting apps of “TalkingLearn” series. It is specially developed for those who are learning and practicing oral Chinese. With this app, you will not be afraid to speak Chinese at all. What’s more, it would be fun for you to communicate with others in Chinese soon. This app also includes some words of wisdom for you to learn from the ancient Chinese wise men.
    Web links:

  7. Great review! I came across this blog searching for Chinese learning apps for children. I find it very helpful. I would also like to recommend Kids Write Chinese, a simple Chinese writing program for kids through a game approach. My 5-year old niece loves to play this app.

  8. Thank you so much for listing these apps. Audio helps a lot in learning difficult Chinese words. Great piece of content.

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