Chinese Story Time for Kids: Good Night, Gorilla and Book Activity Printable

Chinese Story Time for Kids is featuring Good Night, Gorilla Chinese edition.  Join Miss Panda’s Reading Playground and read Chinese stories together! Good Night, Gorilla! Chinese edition. Chinese Story Time for Kids Book Title: Good Night, Gorilla! Author: Peggy Rathmann Language: Chinese edition (Simplified Chinese) Let’s read Good Night, Gorilla! in Mandarin Chinese.  Let’s help the zookeeper and say “good night!” to all the animals in the zoo. Do you think the animals are tired and sleepy? This

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11 Chinese Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Chinese for Kids: 11 Chinese songs for kids

Singing Chinese songs for Kids is a fun way to learn Chinese at home!  Research shows that music and songs help language acquisition.  Many Chinese children’s songs are short wth a lot of repetition of simple words.  They go well with movements for our babies and tots and sing along for kids from kinder and up. What you should know about Chinese Kids Songs! Look inside of each Chinese songs and nursery rhymes for kids and pick

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Sing to Learn Chinese: Sorry, My Chinese Is Not Good

Singing a fun song to learn Chinese!  We are singing “Sorry, my Chinese is not good.) by Transition Band. This song is a story about the mistakes the Transition band members made when they first started learning Mandarin Chinese.  It has a catchy tune and it tells that the tones in Chinese are important.  The title of the song is a polite sentence to say to tell people that you are learning Chinese and you are a

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Story Time: Elmer’s Day and Book Activities for Kids

Welcome to Miss Panda’s Reading Playground Miss Panda is reading Elmer’s Day Chinese edition today!  This post has affiliate links. Book Title: Elmer’s Day Author: David McKee Language: English-Chinese edition. Audio: Let’s read Elmer’s Day in Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda.  Follow Elmer the elephant and see what he does today. Learning theme: This is a cute story about Elmer the elephant.  Young readers who are learning about daily activities can relate to this story and share

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Board Games That Promote Chinese Language Learning

Do you use board games to boost Chinese language learning?  You can prepare in advance and introduce the key words to your child first at the beginning of the week then play the game on the weekend. When I teach Chinese to young children I use the Montessori approach.  The simple steps are introduction, recognition and recall.  There is a lot of Chinese  language repetition and input in this process and it helps the children to beRead more

Story Time: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Welcome to Miss Panda’s Reading Playground Miss Panda is reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar Chinese edition today! Book Title: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Author: Eric Carl Language: Chinese edition. Audio: Follow the eating adventures of the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” – in Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda. Pinyin Support:  Download The Very Hungry Caterpillar pinyin support to go with the book and read along! Learning Theme: This is a language-rich book involving days of the week, fruits

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Chinese for Kids: Summer Reading Program Giveaway!

2017 Summer Chinese Reading Program GIVEAWAY!  Are you ready to add more wonderful Chinese language learning books, Chinese-English bilingual culture books and English culture books to your home or class library?  When your child has easy access to books, word wall, word games, board games and child-friendly print materials at home you have created a literacy-rich environment for your young learner. Register in 2017 Summer Chinese Reading Program today and enter the giveaway below! Here are 12

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Sign Up for Summer Reading Program

Program: We are bringing reading into summer!  Children of all ages with or without Chinese language background can participate.  We want to boost children’s reading during the break with fun resources.  We also want to help you  build your home/classroom library with our fantastic giveaway!  This is a FREE program. Our Special Thanks to:   Program Registration Opens Now! Fill out the form below. Loading… Summer Reading Program Resources Book List:  Chinese and Chinese Culture Books for

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Online Kids Summer Chinese Reading Program

We are so excited to kick off our 2017 Summer Chinese Reading Program! The mission of this challenge is to keep our bilingual children reading in Chinese, having fun in Chinese, and learning more about Chinese language, Chinese culture and the world during the summer. We have picked awesome books for your to start with.  We are looking forward to having your and your child’s book recommendations.  We welcome teacher’s book picks so we can compile more

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Chinese & Chinese Culture Books for Children

Summer Reading Program - Miss Panda Chinese
Miss Panda Chinese Summer Chinese Reading Program Welcome to the Summer Chinese Reading Program Book List. There are three sections in this list. Books in the first section are either in Chinese or bilingual in Chinese and English. Some of the books have audio support on Miss Panda's Reading Playground. Books in the second sections are in English or bilingual in Chinese and English. They are cultural books that appeal to young readers. Books in the thirdRead more
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