Chinese Cultulre Books for Kids: Dumpling Days and more!

Reading together makes learning a language and its culture fun! I like to share my own stories with my children when we read stories related to Chinese culture or life in Mainland China or in Taiwan. Recently my daughter, Meimei, was asked to help out a Chinese girl who does not speak very much English in a weekend art class. Meimei told me that the girl was able to work on her Valentine’s day art project because

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Happy Chinese New Year Giveaway!

  2012 is the “Year of the Dragon” and the dragon represents the most auspicious of all the 12 animal birth signs in Chinese and many other Asian cultures!! To celebrate Chinese New Year and kick off the Year of the Dragon with fun and excitement Miss Panda Chinese is delighted to announce a giveaway with “World Music With DARIA.” We are giving away of a copy of the “Eyewitness: Ancient China” book written by Arthur Cotterel

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Chinese Character Fun: Dragon = 龍 = "Lóng"!

  *Click to generate your own vocabulary. Special Thanks to Chinese Digger & Kleanthes Koniaris (c) Copyright 2012 All Rights ReservedRead more

Chinese New Year Culture Series: Year of the DRAGON Calendar of Events in U.S., Canada and Australia

<imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear:right; float:right; margin-left:1em; margin-bottom:1em”> The best way to learn is to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, and to taste. This definitely applies to learning a language and its culture. Do you know I still remember my very first bite of the authentic McDonald’s Big Mac in L.A. when I visited the U.S. the very first time many many years ago? It might sound silly but it was quite an experience after hearing about the

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Chinese Cultural Books for Kids: Reading Time Chinese New Year

Let’s get ready for the Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the DRAGON and the Chinese New Year is on January 23rd. Dragon year only comes once every twelve years so it is very special. Dragon means power, wealth, and good fortune for Chinese. Do you know the ancient Chinese emperors wore lóng páo 龍袍, Dragon robe? Chinese New Year is my favorite Chinese celebration and there are many interesting traditions about it. Do

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Animation Chinese Characters – Twelve Birth Signs Video

The twelve Chinese Birth Signs, all twelve animals are in this short video. You can see the animals with their matching Chinese characters in this animation. The order of the animals is: (1) Mouse 鼠 (2) Cow 牛 (3) Tiger 虎 (4) Rabbit 兔(5) Dragon 龍 (6) Snake 蛇 (7) Horse 馬 (8) Sheep 羊(9) Monkey 猴 (10) Chicken 雞 (11) Dog 狗 (12) Pig 豬 Dog – 狗 is also known as [犬] in classic Chinese

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Twelve Chinese Birth Signs

Are you a Rabbit? Are you a Ram? Are you a Dragon? Chinese children ask their friends this question for fun. With 2012 approaching and the Chinese New Year coming in a month we are going to take a look at the fun twelve Chinese Birth signs. There are twelve animals and it is a 12-year cycle. If a baby boy and a baby girl were born this year, the year of Rabbit, they will turn 12

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Fun with Chinese Characters Part Three

Introduction to Chinese characters Part Three and the last one provided by the publisher. In this video you are going to see 11 Chinese characters from two pictures. One is an animal, the other is a house. It is a lot of fun. Chinese characters in the pictogram group are easy for children to remember. Activity idea: It is fun to play a match up game with the characters and the pictures. Enjoy!

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Sponge Bob Theme Song in Chinese

Are you ready to listen to Sponge Bob and his friends speak Mandarin Chinese? Oh Yes! My kids could not stop laughing when they heard the theme song in Chinese the very first time. How about you and your kids? Sponge Bob’s name in Chinese is Sponge Baby – hǎi mián bǎo bǎo – 海綿寶寶 . Click here to listen the song!

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An Introduction to Chinese Characters – Part Two

Introduction to Chinese characters from the pictogram group (Part 2). You will see the transformation of 10 characters in this short and fun video. Enjoy!

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