Jeremy Lin Speaking Mandarin Chinese

Here is Jeremy Lin speaking Mandarin Chinese in two interviews. Good job! This is inspiring for children who are learning the language. Can you hear the following phrases Jeremy Lin said? Xiǎo hái = children 小孩 Dǎ lán qiú = play basketball 打籃球 Enjoy! News report – Press Conference in Taiwan. He mentioned his favorite Taiwanese dishes in Mandarin Chinese. Delicious picks!

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Reading Time: "I Hate English!", "Dear Zoo" & more

There was a new student in one of the classes I was teaching last week. When I entered the classroom he had tears in his eyes and was standing by the door. The home room teacher told him to go in and sit down for the class but the little boy could not stop crying. Other children in the class shared their concerns with me and told me that the new boy did not understand English, it

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Music Video: Two Tigers – Liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ – 兩隻老虎

“Two Tigers” is a classic Chinese song for children. This is a familiar tune and is fun to sing with the little ones. Don’t forget to add movement and action along with the lyrics to make it an action-filled play-learning experience! I’ve put the lyrics below in Pinyin, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese with the English translation on top. Two tigers two tigers Liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ Liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ 兩 隻 老 虎 兩 隻

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Chinese Character Fun: Moon = 月 = “yuè”!

<imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear:right; float:right; margin-left:1em; margin-bottom:1em”> Check out my featured Chinese character: 月 (yuè) – This is a picture word, which means “moon” or “month.” We can use 月 (yuè) in the following ways: Moon (used when referring to the phases of the moon and its brightness): Yuè liàng – 月亮 Moon (used when referencing the moon as a heavenly body as in “astronauts visited the moon”): Yuè qiú – 月球 Moon cake: Yuè bǐng – 月餅 Month

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Celebrity Speaks Chinese: Hugh Jackman Singing in Chinese

This is fun. Check out Hugh Jackman (X-Men) singing in Mandarin Chinese! Title of the song is “Give me a kiss” – Gěi wǒ yī gè wěn 給我一個吻. Useful phrases to know: OK – Kě yǐ – 可以 Not OK – Bù kě yǐ – 不可以

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Chinese Cultulre Books for Kids: Dumpling Days and more!

Reading together makes learning a language and its culture fun! I like to share my own stories with my children when we read stories related to Chinese culture or life in Mainland China or in Taiwan. Recently my daughter, Meimei, was asked to help out a Chinese girl who does not speak very much English in a weekend art class. Meimei told me that the girl was able to work on her Valentine’s day art project because

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Happy Chinese New Year Giveaway!

  2012 is the “Year of the Dragon” and the dragon represents the most auspicious of all the 12 animal birth signs in Chinese and many other Asian cultures!! To celebrate Chinese New Year and kick off the Year of the Dragon with fun and excitement Miss Panda Chinese is delighted to announce a giveaway with “World Music With DARIA.” We are giving away of a copy of the “Eyewitness: Ancient China” book written by Arthur Cotterel

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Chinese Character Fun: Dragon = 龍 = "Lóng"!

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Chinese New Year Culture Series: Year of the DRAGON Calendar of Events in U.S., Canada and Australia

<imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear:right; float:right; margin-left:1em; margin-bottom:1em”> The best way to learn is to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, and to taste. This definitely applies to learning a language and its culture. Do you know I still remember my very first bite of the authentic McDonald’s Big Mac in L.A. when I visited the U.S. the very first time many many years ago? It might sound silly but it was quite an experience after hearing about the

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Chinese Cultural Books for Kids: Reading Time Chinese New Year

Let’s get ready for the Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the DRAGON and the Chinese New Year is on January 23rd. Dragon year only comes once every twelve years so it is very special. Dragon means power, wealth, and good fortune for Chinese. Do you know the ancient Chinese emperors wore lóng páo 龍袍, Dragon robe? Chinese New Year is my favorite Chinese celebration and there are many interesting traditions about it. Do

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