Chinese Culture Books for Kids: Reading Time The Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! = 中秋節快樂 (traditional characters)  = 中秋节快乐 (simplified characters), this greeting is read as  Zhōng qiū jié kuài lè.  The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar and it falls on September 16 this year (2016).  The dates for the Mid-Autumn festival in the next a few years are as below. October 4, 2017 September 24, 2018 September 13, 2019 October 1, 2020 September 21, 2021 September

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Chinese for Kids Learning Resources: Playful Theme-based Chinese Learning Units

Miss Panda Chinee Theme-based learning units

Theme-based learning is interactive and is designed with the children’s and students’ needs and progress in mind.  The multi-directional approach in each unit engages children to have fun learning new words/phrases with easy sentences and/or short stories.  Repetition and re-enforcement of new items are lead by fun activity pages.  You will also enjoy Reading Circus that is included in many of the learning units.  Kids love stories and they make words and phrases vivid in their imagination.

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Miss Panda’s Mini Lessons: Picture Chinese Summer Series

Summer is a wonderful time to keep the kids engaged with language learning.  I have created Picture Chinese – Summer Series for you and your child(ren) to learn 3 new phrases with a sentence pattern every week.  When you are taking a walk you can check out what you see around you  or you can play “I Spy” with the phrases and sentences you have learned.  See it?  Touch it and say it with your happy energy! 

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Fun with Chinese: Sing and Dance with Hakuna Matata

Lion King Hakuna Matata lyrics in Chinese and pinyin

Summer vacation is here!  Let’s kick off our Summer Fun with Chinese right now.  This is a fantastic time to have fun and to learn with your child.  Playful learning is always the best!  Summer is a season full of energy and we can be as silly as we can (well, I think I am always like that).  And we can hangout outside all day long.  We can grab this opportunity and follow the joyful learning plan

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Read Around The World Summer Series: The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Dragon Boat Festival – Duān Wǔ Jié 端午節 Coloring Pages

A special Thank You to Miss Panda’s artist friend, Matt Cox for creating the Dragon Boat Festival coloring pages for all the readers on Miss Panda Chinese!  Matt speaks English, Japanese and he has been learning Mandarin Chinese together with his daughter. Note: The following copyrighted coloring pages are for non-profit educational use only. Dragon Boat – Lóng Zhōu 龍舟   Dragon – Lóng 龍     Related post: Learning About Dragon Boat Festival    Save Save

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Bilingual Parenting: An Interview with My Son on Learning His Heritage Language-Chinese

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  I am delighted to see the schools and libraries have shared various resources with children, parents and educators.  When I lived in Hawaii the celebration of heritage culture seems so natural and it seems like it is a part of everyday life.  My kids are one of the many HAPA kids at schools.  “Hapa” is a Hawaiian pidgin word used to describe mixed-race people — primarily, though not exclusively, those

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Sing to Learn Chinese: I Miss You Very Much

Singing is always a great way to get the children move around and have fun.  I know I always do.  When I do the kids follow.  What a relaxing method to engage the kids!  Music is a fantastic tool to learn a language. Do you like karaoke?  Have you been to a karaoke party?  Many families have their own karaoke equipment at home.  There are karaoke apps available as well so you can sing when you are

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Meet Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, Performing Artist & Educator

Watch the fun and interactive conversation I have with Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, folksonger, performing artist, and educator on Miss Panda Chinese YouTube channel!  You will be amazed by what resource Daria has to offer for you and your children at home or at school.  Daria is an incredible children’s performer who has traveled the globe to share music that inspires, empowers and is just plain fun!  Her knowledge about world music, cultures, languages and beyond will lead you

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20 Chinese New Year Books and Culture Books for Children

Chinese New Year Culture Books for Children | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Culture for Kids series features 20 Chinese New Year books for children! Chinese New Year culture books take children to explore Chinese culture beyond the surface.  Reading takes kids to learn more about family roles, expectations, manners, family values and more in Chinese culture.  We want to share this Chinese New Year books for children collection with you so you can use them in your bilingual home or classroom. Chinese New Year is based on the

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