Winter Olympics Matching Game Printables

Winter Olympics just started and we are excited to learn about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!  This is a great time to introduce theme vocabulary about Olympics and winter sports.   I designed two sets of matching games, one for the younger children and one for the older ones.  You can print them on card stock and cut them into cards.  You can play with them when you are watching the game or when you are learning about the sport.

Matching Game

For the younger children: 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Basics.  The first page is in Chinese and pinyin.  The second page is in English.  Click on the image below for the printable.

Miss Panda Chinese - 2014 Olympic Winter Games Basics

For the older children: 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Sport.  The set below is in English, Chinese and pinyin.  Click the image below for the printable.

Miss Panda Chinese - 2014 Olympic Winter Games Sport English Chinese Pinyin

The second set is in Chinese and pinyin.  Click on the image below for the printable.

Miss Panda Chinese - 2014 Olympics Winter Games in Chinese and Pinyin

Introduce the theme vocabulary, repeat and play every day from February 7 to  23 during the Winter Olympics.  Watch the games and have fun learning!

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© 2014, Miss Panda Chinese


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Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett
Amanda “Miss Panda” is the founder of Miss Panda Chinese and author of the "Let's Learn Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda!" CD/MP3 audio program. Amanda is a dynamic language instructor with over 15 years language teaching experience. She created Miss Panda Chinese to share teaching materials that she has developed and used in the classroom and at home with parents and teachers who are also on the exciting bilingual education journey.
  1. Dear Miss Panda,

    I’m absolutely thrilled to find out about you and your blog. As a prep school Mandarin teacher myself, I have been struggling to find many useful suitable resources for my children until I found yours.

    They are all fantastic and really catered to the needs of younger learners. After browsing so many pages of them, the only question I have is if each of them can be used for all ages groups in the primary setting, or some of them are more suitable than others. As there are so many of them, I wonder how I can browse them more effectively and find the ones I need for specific age group. Are the resources categorised and saved under different topics?

    Many thanks for attention and apologies if I have missed out anything.


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