Kristin S. – Parent, Honolulu, Hawaii

“It was such a joy to see the children having so much fun while “learning”! I especially loved hearing Evan sing his songs at home, and teach his siblings (and me). What’s more is that I had the hardest time remembering 1-10. Evan was the one who’d tell me the answers AND correct my pronunciation. I love this program!”

Elston F. – Elementary School Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Excellent class and the kids really look forward to you coming. They are always asking for you and I hope you continue to teach throughout the year. Thank you!!!!”

Allison K. – Elementary School Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Thank you so much! The children really learned a lot from you this semester. I find them singing the songs and doing the movements in class. Your teaching style engages the students and your positive energy gets them excited for class each time! Your lessons are also very relevant to children this age. I hear them using the social greetings to each other! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Lenora G. – Elementary School Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I want to let you know that the students and I have enjoyed your Mandarin classes immensely. Your teaching techniques, content, management and level of expertise are all OUTSTANDING!! If I had to change anything about the program, I would want to increase the number of sessions or expose this program to other students in other grade levels.”

Shirley F. – Preschool Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii

“…I thank you for your time. I see many teachers, but none as good as you. You really have the right formula for teaching Chinese – repetitive, fast paced and fun…Even I will retain some of the Chinese language.”

Mei Yu L. – Parent, Austin, Texas

“My son enjoyed Miss Panda’s class tremendously, so did each one of his classmates. Before Ms. Panda arrived our weekly drive of over an hour, from San Antonio to the Austin Chinese School, was a struggle for the family. It was very difficult to inspire my son to attend the weekly class until we met Miss Panda. She understands how to work with children and makes learning the language interesting. She is patient, creative and energetic. Her classroom always had the happiest atmosphere and the kids came out with a positive attitude. My son was looking forward to his Chinese lesson every week and his progress in speaking, reading, and writing within the year was priceless to us. I would like to wish Miss Panda the best upon the completion of her degree in U.T. Austin. and wish she could stay so that my son could continue studying Chinese with her. She is clearly a gifted teacher and I would recommend Miss Panda without any reservation.”

Vickie H. – Elementary School Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii

“You are such a wonderful teacher. It is obvious how much the students are learning and how excited they are about the process because of the way you present all the lessons. You make learning interesting and fun. They are using Mandarin Chinese often, and I hear them singing Mandarin songs and speaking to you and each other throughout the week. All of our kindergarten team often talk about how enriching this experience has been for the children…”

Brandy R. – Parent, Honolulu, Hawaii

“My children loved learning Chinese from you! They were proud of their accomplishments and they especially loved singing your songs.”

Michael S. – Parent, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Thought your program was wonderful! I wish my daughter could continue class with you after her preschool. Thank you!”

Tom L. – Parent, Honolulu, Hawaii

“My daughter has really enjoyed her time with Miss Panda! She re-teaches what she has learned to her mei-mei (little sister). I have even picked up on some. Thank you, Miss Panda!”

  1. My favorite video is your London Bridges song with actions. You and your daughter do such a fabulous job of teaching job with infant loving games! Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas.????

    • How wonderful to know you enjoyed song with movement! It is such a great way to engage children when they are learning a language. Thank you for joining me!

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