Sid Shuffle – Let’s Dance and Rap in Chinese

Let’s learn a dance and rap in Mandarin Chinese!  What a fun way to  start your day with all the movements and direction words and phrases in Chinese!  Watch the video and let’s do the Sid Shuffle with the adorable Ice Age character.  Sid will teach us the moves to the coolest dance craze sweeping the globe.  Watch people from 15 countries do the dance!  Miss Panda is ready!  How about you?

First, we will learn the direction words!

qián = front.

hòu = back.

zuǒ= left.

yòu = right.

wǎng = to ~.

往前 wǎng qián = to the front; to move up.

往後 wǎng hòu = to the back.

往左 wǎng zuǒ = to the left.

往右 wǎng yò = to the right.


Second, we will learn the movement words/phrases!

tiào = to jump.

往前兩步 wǎng qián liǎng bù = two steps to the front.

往後兩步 wǎng hòu liǎng bù = two steps to the back.

tà = to step, to stomp.

往左踏 wǎng zuǒ tà = to step to the left.

往右踏 wǎng yòu tà = to step to the right.

jiǎo = foot (feet).

交叉 jiāo chā = to crisscross.

腳交叉 jiǎo jiāo chā = to crisscross the feet.

手臂 shǒu bì = arm(s).

扭扭 niǔ niǔ = to twist, to wiggle, to shake.

扭扭手臂 niǔ niǔ shǒu bì = to wiggle the arm(s).

跟我一起跳 gēn wǒ yī qǐ tiào = Follow me (and) dance together.

大家一起跳 dà jiā yì qǐ tiào = Everyone dances together.


Now, Follow the steps, say the phrases out loud and do the dance!

Ice Age - Sid Shuffle Contiental Drift via twfoxvovies

Video Source: This video is from Ice Age: Continental Drift 冰原歷險記: 冰原漂移舞!via twfoxmovies on YouTube.

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