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My students and children all enjoy the following!!!


Miss Panda’s Reading Playground Collection





Beginning Reader Collection




Multimedia Learning Collection




Chinese Culture Book Collection








Chinese Music Collection






This is a great resource book for raising a bilingual child.
Mulan (Mandarin Chinese Edition) – Mulan with a Mandarin Chinese sound track with English and Chinese subtitles selectable on the disk.
**Please be aware that this disc has “Region 6” encoding, which means that it will not play on most DVD players sold in the US or Canada (“Region 1”).**

Below is an example of an available “region free” DVD player.

  1. What a lovely selection! I notice that the Elmer books just have the Chinese characters alongside the English, while the Gordon & Li Li books just have the pinyin. As a non-Mandarin speaker myself, I really need a book that has both! Please let me know if there are any you know of, or would recommend.

  2. I have your cd and my kids love listening to it. Do you have other cd recommendations for kids to listen to in the car? Thank you!

    • Ni Hao! Thank you very much for your message. How wonderful to know that your kids enjoy listening to my CD! Your child might enjoy Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children’s Songs. Keep in touch! Always keep learning fun, Miss Panda

  3. hi,

    Thanks for the info. I am a mother of two girls 3.5yr and 1.5yr. I speak mandarin at home, and the eldest attends mandarin daycare.

    I have been struggling to find a mandarin pinyin curriculum to teach at home. Something that includes a teaching guide to list fun activities, games, etc. to make learning fun at home. Can you suggest anything that works? I find getting my 3.5 year old to write in the chinese workbooks can be painful and slow.
    Sandy Yuen
    Toronto, Canada

    • Ni Hao Sandy, I think you are doing a great job with your little ones and you give them the maximum exposure to Chinese language. Writing Chinese characters takes time and the younger children enjoy painting and coloring “words”. So it might be fun with your older child. I have a collection of Chinese learning materials, programs and more on pinterest and I hope you find it resourceful. My First Chinese Words from Better Chinese might fit your needs as well.

  4. sorry, i should clarify. What resources do you recommend for teaching READING and WRITING? We already do most of the things you suggest – watching chinese children cartoons, speaking mandarin at home (and with grandparents, playdates), listen and sing mandarin chinese children songs in the car and at home, etc. etc.

    • I also recommend that you check out the resources at ChinaSprout and Childbook websites for more reading and writing materials. You are surrounding your children with Chinese language input and it is wonderful. Keep the great job!

  5. Hi, I would like to purchase an audio cd (iTunes) for Brown Bear, Dear Zoo and The Hungry Caterpillar.
    Is this something you have? Or could create?

    Thank you

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