Author Interview Series: Raising World Citizens – Meet Allison Branscombe, Author of All About China


Watch the global education conversation with Allison Branscombe, author of All About China – Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids.  I am excited to share Allison’s resourceful and engaging book with you on the 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year in the interview.  Learn about behind the scene stories about this fabulous book, the importance of world culture awareness for children, and the cultural journey with Allison and her two daughters adopted from China.  Furthermore, valuable global education insights from traveler, researcher, writer, and author, Allison “Aixin” Branscombe.

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Easy Watch:  Main topics of the interview that you can locate and watch!

00:00 Introduction of Allison Branscombe, author of All About China Stories, Songs, Crafts, and More for Kids.

01:15 Why did you decide to write a book on China and Chinese culture for children?

05:55 How did you write in a way that is engaging for children and that is easy for children to understand about culture?

13:12 The Chinese heritage culture journey Allison has with her two daughters adopted from China.  What Allison did to help the girls to learn  about their heritage culture and language.

17:00 The importance for adopted children to learn about their heritage culture.  Building culture confidence and positive self-esteem from younger years to teenage and beyond.

23:50  Allison showing Chinese arts from her collection: “egg shell” pottery – porcelain bowl; the art of cloisooné; paper cut Chinese character, Fu; Jade pendant; lucky bamboo…

30:32  Allison presents her author autographed copy of her book, All About Chinese Stories, Songs ,Crafts and More for Kids to children in Cotopaxi Academia – Cotopaxi American International School.

32:10  Top advice for parents and teachers who are raising young world citizens.


I am proud to present and share Global Education learning resource from Allison:

Allison’s Book: All About China – Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids

Connect with Allison via Facebook |Tuttle Publishing

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