Halloween Match Fun Sheet in Chinese

Here are fun Halloween words and phrases for you!  Let’s match the words to the pictures.  Read the words/phrases on the Fun Page first.  If you need some help the hints are below in English, Pinyin and Chinese characters.  Print, read aloud, and have fun!

Halloween Fun Sheet Match Printable


pumpkin – Nán guā 南瓜

bat – Biān fú 蝙蝠

candy – Táng guǒ 糖果

witch – Wū pó 巫婆

ghost – Guǐ


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Thank you! Xie Xie!  ~ Miss Panda



  1. Thank you so much for sharing these. My children and I are just starting learning Mandarin. We love your blog and your videos.

  2. I was so glad to know that you and your children enjoyed this fun sheet. Xiè xiè nǐ!

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