Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Exploring Chinese Culture with Kids

Miss Panda Chinese-National Palace Museum

Ting Ware White Ceramic Pillow in the Shape of a Child Northern Song Period (960-1126). Collection at National Palace Museum, Taiwan

China, the oldest civilization on earth has so much for us to explore.  The resources that I included here will take us on an adventure with the Chinese language, festivities, food, music, art, architecture, philosophy, traditions, medicine, martial arts, and more.  Here are the tools for you to use in your daily Chinese session at home or at school.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be enhanced with hands-on cultural projects and multimedia experience.  Enjoy!

Hello, China – Chinese Culture series

One hundred Chinese phrases lead to 100 cultural topics in this series.  You can have a general understanding of Chinese culture from Dragon to Kung Fu, and from Chinese medicine to Confucius.  Each video is under three minutes long and it is a culture learning resource that you can use in class and at home.

National Palace Museum

Exploring Chinese culture through Chinese art.  This is a great resource for virtual art tour with your young world citizen at home!

Also make sure you visit the National palace Museum website for more fun.


ABC of Chinese

There are four videos in this series to give you an quick introduction to the formation of  Chinese characters.

A Bite of China

A documentary series on Chinese food and cooking in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

(English edition)

Watch the Chinese edition with Chinese subtitle below

Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum is home to more than 18,000 works of art from over 40 Asian countries.


Emperor’s Treasures: Exploring Taiwan

More Wonderful Resources to Explore China and Chinese Culture

Marie’s Pastiche: Our Year of Exploring China in a Nutshell:

This is a fantastic series for homeschooling and every family!

Kid World Citizen: Chinese New Year collection –

Check out a great collection of craft projects, books, and presentations from Becky!

Time for Kids: China.

National Geographic Kids: China.

Discovery Education:

China unit school resources

China – People and Places

Google Arts and Culture


More in the Chinese Culture for Kids Series:

Chinese Lunar New Year 春節|春节

Lantern Festival 元宵節| 元宵节

Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 | 端午节

Chinese Valentine’s Day 七夕

Hungry Ghost Festival 中元節 |中元节

Moon Festival 中秋節 |中秋节

Qing Ming Festival 清明節 |清明节

Winter Solstice 冬至 |冬至

  1. We loved the Hello China series, they’re a great way for kids and their short attention span to get to know a bit about the Chinese culture. Thanks for including us in your resources!

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