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Using the Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese Songs and Chinese Radio

Using Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese songs and Chinese radio | Miss Panda Chinese

I want to share with you how to use the Amazon Echo to listen to Chinese songs, radio, and audio albums.  I have introduced Tune-In app in a separate post earlier.  It is an app that you can use to listen to international radio stations with your smart phone.  You can search various radio channels by location or by language with this app.  Amazon Echo has podcasts and radio stations from  Tune-In and iHeartRadio.  Using the Amazon

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Chinese Songs for Kids: Chinese Christmas Carols and Classic Pop Songs Flash Mop

Merry Christmas to All Our Friends Around the World! ~Miss Panda Chinese

Welcome the holiday season with Chinese Christmas Carols and Chinese classic pop songs performed by Chinese Flash Mob groups!  As children are counting down to the Christmas day you can add Chinese Christmas carols and Chinese songs to the daily routine.  Music and songs are fun and engaging tools for acquiring languages. From Taiwan to China, here are three outdoor celebration concerts that will take you to experience the joy of music.  You will hear Chinese Christmas

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Chinese for Kids Chinese Fall Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Chinese for kids fall thanksgiving printable | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese for kids Chinese Play and Learn series has a new set of Chinese fall coloring pages for young learners!  Children see  leaves change colors.  They visit pumpkin patch and pick apples.  They bake at home and many celebrate family time for Thanksgiving this time of the year.  Holiday and holiday break are always a good time to work on projects that lead to learn and expand Chinese vocabulary and expressions. Young learners will enjoy this set

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Chinese for Kids Fall Season Chinese Literacy and Numbers

Chinse for kids literacy reading and numbers Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese for Kids Chinese Literacy and Numbers Unit!  Fall is a season for kids to observe the change of colors in our environment.  I have design this Chinese for kids literacy reading and numbers packet with hands-on activities for children to engage in playful learning. In this Chinese reading and numbers, Chinese color sight words are one of the features.  From word wall posters, play dough cards to roll, read, and dot the words, children will see,

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Chinese for Kids Chinese Thank You Cards and Thank You Poster

Chinese thank you cards and poster | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Play and Learn features teaching thankfulness with Chinese Thank You cards and Thank You poster! Being thankful is an every practice.  Teaching children to say “Thank You” is important.  How to help kids to have the sense of gratitude in them is the core and the goal. In Chinese culture, gratitude starts at being respectful to parents in a family.  “A youth, when at home, should be filial, and, being outside of home, be respectful to

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Chinese for Kids Thanksgiving Chinese Hop Into Reading

Chinese Hop Into Reading thanksgiving | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese for kids Chinese Play and Learn series features Hop Into Reading!  Chinese Hop Into Reading is a newly added resource.  They are for Chinese emergent readers and early readers.   We have heard about how a text-rich home can help children’s literacy skills.  This text-rich home is the same as a print-rich environment and a literacy-rich household.  The setup of a target language (Chinese) text-rich home is crucial.  The visual display of Chinese language with pinyin

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Chinese for Kids: Chinese Halloween Bingo Printable and Count Like a Witch

Miss Panda Chinese - Halloween Bingo

In this Chinese for Kids series I want to share with you the Chinese Halloween Bingo printable set from our Teaching Printable Library.  I also have a Teaching Unit: Chinese Halloween with flashcards, activity pages, and a short story.  When there is a holiday or festival it is a good idea to work the seasonl theme into the class.  So you will see me teach in Halloween style in October.  Take a look how My students and

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Bilingual Parenting Raising Bilingual Kids Bilingual Quotes

Bilingual parenting is an exciting journey and it can go upside down at times.  Parents need to be recharged and be inspired on this raising bilingual children journey. Here is a collection of empowering quotes about bilingual parenting, learning, bilingualism, early childhood education, being bilingual and raising bilingual kids.  I have shared many of these quotes in different posts and now I am adding them to this bilingual parenting resources. Do you have any quote that empowers

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Online Kids Summer Chinese Reading Program

We are so excited to kick off our 2017 Summer Chinese Reading Program! The mission of this challenge is to keep our bilingual children reading in Chinese, having fun in Chinese, and learning more about Chinese language, Chinese culture and the world during the summer. We have picked awesome books for your to start with.  We are looking forward to having your and your child’s book recommendations.  We welcome teacher’s book picks so we can compile more

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15 Chinese Cartoons for Kids!

Chinese Cartoons for Kids

Chinese cartoons for kids is featuring 15 Chinese Cartoons for children!  Stories are wonderful for target language teaching and learning.  A good and simple story contains repeated words, expressions, and a fun storyline to keep the attention of children.  By using cartoons in small parts to deliver a lesson can be a very effective way to reinforce Chinese language learning and see some cultural elements at times. So many readers shared my recent post  “Teaching Your Kids

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