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Chinese Through Story: Meet This Cute Young Foodie

Chinese Through Story Meet This Young Foodie | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese Through Story: Meet This Young Foodie!  Using authentic materials to introduce new items  and new concepts to language learners is a great way to engage them.  It is a way to learn the Chinese language and the culture. In this story you will meet Xiǎo mán, a beloved 3-year-old Chinese girl whose meal time videos have made her an internet star. First, look at the picture.  Do you see a little boy?  Do you see a

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Using the Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese Songs and Chinese Radio

Using Amazon Echo to Listen to Chinese songs and Chinese radio | Miss Panda Chinese

I want to share with you how to use the Amazon Echo to listen to Chinese songs, radio, and audio albums.  I have introduced Tune-In app in a separate post earlier.  It is an app that you can use to listen to international radio stations with your smart phone.  You can search various radio channels by location or by language with this app.  Amazon Echo has podcasts and radio stations from  Tune-In and iHeartRadio.  Using the Amazon

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Chinese for Kids Chinese Fall Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Chinese for kids fall thanksgiving printable | Miss Panda Chinese

Chinese for kids Chinese Play and Learn series has a new set of Chinese fall coloring pages for young learners!  Children see  leaves change colors.  They visit pumpkin patch and pick apples.  They bake at home and many celebrate family time for Thanksgiving this time of the year.  Holiday and holiday break are always a good time to work on projects that lead to learn and expand Chinese vocabulary and expressions. Young learners will enjoy this set

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Craft Time for Language Learning Black Sesame Ladybug

The most amazing time when I teach Chinese to children is when we have activity time, game time, story time, hands-on experiment time, and craft time!  I want to involve the children and provide them constant comprehensible Chinese language input.  I talk a lot in class and I use Chinese to communicate with the little kids.  I speak Chinese constantly and I use the the theme words repeatedly so the young language learners can hear the same

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: Hungry Ghost Festival and the Ghost Month Meet Halloween and Day of the Dead


In this Chinese culture for kids series post we are answering a question – Is there a Chinese Halloween?  In Chinese culture, the seventh month on the lunar calendar is “ghost month” and it has many taboos.  These taboos include that kids should not swim in the river, wedding should not be held during this time, and moving or buying a house is prohibited, just to name a few.  Even though many young Chinese do not follow

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: 七夕Qi Xi – Story about Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese culture for kids series:  Chinese Valentine’s Day. Chinese Valentine’s Day is known as “七夕 Qi Xi” in Chinese.  Do you see a bridge formed by “magpies” -xǐ què 喜鵲 (traditional Chinese) | 喜鹊 (simplified Chinese) in the night sky on the day of 七夕 (Qi Xi)?  Is it raining?  七夕 Qi Xi is the evening of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month.  “七夕 Qi Xi” falls on August 28 this year (2017). Qi Xi

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Chinese Culture for Kids Series: The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Moon Fairy, and Mooncakes: Story, Recipe, Song, and Printables

Chinese Culture for kids

The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or “Zhōng Qiū Jié” (中秋節) occurs on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month each year (falling in September or October on our familiar solar calendar).  Because this holiday is based on the lunar calendar, where it falls on the solar calendar varies from year to year.  For example, in 2015 the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 27th.  In 2017, it was on October 4th  and

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Chinese for Kids: Solar Eclipse Coloring Page, Task Cards and More

We are excited about Solar Eclipse 2017!  Learning Chinese with total solar eclipse is fun! I hope you find it exciting as you are learning Chinese or teaching Chinese to young learners.  We have prepared some tools for your science observation for this amazing event if you are located in northern American.  Some people will see total solar eclipse and some will see partial solar eclipse.  Where are you located and what are you going to see? 

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11 Chinese Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Chinese for Kids: 11 Chinese songs for kids

Singing Chinese songs for Kids is a fun way to learn Chinese at home!  Research shows that music and songs help language acquisition.  Many Chinese children’s songs are short wth a lot of repetition of simple words.  They go well with movements for our babies and tots and sing along for kids from kinder and up. What you should know about Chinese Kids Songs! Look inside of each Chinese songs and nursery rhymes for kids and pick

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Story Time: Elmer’s Day and Book Activities for Kids

Welcome to Miss Panda’s Reading Playground Miss Panda is reading Elmer’s Day Chinese edition today!  This post has affiliate links. Book Title: Elmer’s Day Author: David McKee Language: English-Chinese edition. Audio: Let’s read Elmer’s Day in Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda.  Follow Elmer the elephant and see what he does today. Learning theme: This is a cute story about Elmer the elephant.  Young readers who are learning about daily activities can relate to this story and share

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