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The 12 Chinese Animal Birth Signs with Printable

Read Learning Unit Description here.   Are you a Monkey? Are you a Chicken/Rooster? Are you a dog?  Are you a pig?  Chinese children ask their friends these questions for fun.  They also use the Animal Birth Signs to figure out how old their friends are.  With the arrival of the Year of the Rooster less than 10 days, we are going to take a look at the fun twelve Chinese Animal Birth Signs . There are

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Miss Panda Chinese Play Time: Let’s Sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas!”

Miss Panda Chinese Learning Unit: Merry Christmas!

Christmas Carols in Mandarin Chinese: We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Chinese Play Time with Miss Panda introduces songs and activities to children and parents. Today we are singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Chinese. You know this song very well and now you can sing it in Chinese. Activities: 1. Party Time! Take out the bells and instruments and have fun! 2. Chinese “Merry Christmas” Learning Unit!  Hands-on activity pages with coloring pages, label

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Thanksgiving Matching Game: Let’s Learn More Words in Chinese!

  Click on the Matching Game image above to download the Holiday Fun Sheet! Thanksgiving is coming and we are going to have fun learning more Chinese words and phrases about this day.  Here is a Thanksgiving Matching Game.  Cut.  Match.  Paste. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases on the fun sheet Wǒ xǐ huan ___________________.  我喜歡。。。 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] = I like ___________________   Wǒ fēi cháng xǐ huan ____________. 我非常喜歡。。。 [Audio

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Halloween Match Fun Sheet in Chinese

Halloween Fun Sheet Match Printable

Here are fun Halloween words and phrases for you!  Let’s match the words to the pictures.  Read the words/phrases on the Fun Page first.  If you need some help the hints are below in English, Pinyin and Chinese characters.  Print, read aloud, and have fun! Hints: pumpkin – Nán guā 南瓜 bat – Biān fú 蝙蝠 candy – Táng guǒ 糖果 witch – Wū pó 巫婆 ghost – Guǐ 鬼   Halloween Related Post & Resource: Halloween Bingo

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Playful Theme-based Chinese Learning Units

Miss Panda Chinee Theme-based learning units

Theme-based learning is interactive and is designed with the children’s and students’ needs and progress in mind.  The multi-directional approach in each unit engages children to have fun learning new words/phrases with easy sentences and/or short stories.  Repetition and re-enforcement of new items are lead by fun activity pages.  You will also enjoy Reading Circus that is included in many of the learning units.  Kids love stories and they make words and phrases vivid in their imagination.

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Miss Panda’s Mini Lessons: Picture Chinese Summer Series

Summer is a wonderful time to keep the kids engaged with language learning.  I have created Picture Chinese – Summer Series for you and your child(ren) to learn 3 new phrases with a sentence pattern every week.  When you are taking a walk you can check out what you see around you  or you can play “I Spy” with the phrases and sentences you have learned.  See it?  Touch it and say it with your happy energy! 

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Fun with Chinese: Sing and Dance with Hakuna Matata

Lion King Hakuna Matata lyrics in Chinese and pinyin

Summer vacation is here!  Let’s kick off our Summer Fun with Chinese right now.  This is a fantastic time to have fun and to learn with your child.  Playful learning is always the best!  Summer is a season full of energy and we can be as silly as we can (well, I think I am always like that).  And we can hangout outside all day long.  We can grab this opportunity and follow the joyful learning plan

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Time to Sing a New Song in Mandarin: 好想你 hǎo xiǎng nǐ I Miss You

Singing is always a great way to get the children move around and have fun.  I know I always do.  When I do the kids follow.  What a relaxing method to engage the kids!  Music is a fantastic tool to learn a language. Do you like karaoke?  Have you been to a karaoke party?  Many families have their own karaoke equipment at home.  There are karaoke apps available as well so you can sing when you are

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Fun in the Kitchen: Let’s Make Chinese Dumplings

Chinese New Year:  Lucky Food to Eat The Chinese New Year’s Eve family reunion dinner is the feast with the most symbolic dishes to carry good luck to the new year.  You can see and enjoy the lucky food during the 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration and the New Year’s Eve day.  Why are these food or dishes considered lucky?  They are auspicious because of their pronunciation or appearance. Here are the top 10 lucky

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Mini Lesson: What is Woody wearing?

Activity Idea Box:  Many young children enjoy dress-up play.  Kids can learn about outfits, accessories, job duties, personality and professions.  It involves imagination and creativity.  Our dress-up chest at home has been popular over the years.  Why don’t you set up one and see how your child would enjoy it.  I hope Woody can help out with the cowboy theme for your next dress-up theme.

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