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Chinese One Image Talk and Chat about Woody

Chinese One Word Image | Miss Panda Chinese

Pictures speak.  Images have stories. Chinese One Image Talk and Chat features Woody from Toy Story! Reading wordless books to children is a wonderful way to engage them in the target language (Chinese).  There are no words in the book but there are pictures.  When you tell the story of a wordless book, children listen, they hear the words, they understand the story you are telling them.  It is a great way to build literacy skills. You

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Raising Bilingual Kids 11 Activities for the Year

Raising Bilingual Kids Activities | Miss Panda Chinese

One of the most commonly asked questions about raising bilingual children is how to encourage kids to speak Chinese, the target language on a day to day basis.  When busy parents focus on the output, that is to speak Chinese, it is very important to look at the Chinese language input that their children receive daily.  One of the most popular articles at this blog is a resource: 15 Chinese Cartoons for Kids With this post, Raising

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Chinese Play and Learn: Chinese Christmas Countdown Chain

Chinese Christmas countdown chain craft | Miss Panda Chinese

The Chinese Christmas countdown chain is wrapped on the Christmas tree.  Making a countdown chain every year has become a family tradition since my kids were preschoolers.  Holiday season is a wonderful time to add seasonal craft projects to the Chinese language and culture learning session at home and in the classroom. This hands-on activity can be a center time project,  a group program or  an individual one.  Chinese numbers are printed on the colored papers.  Every

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Craft Time for Language Learning Black Sesame Ladybug

The most amazing time when I teach Chinese to children is when we have activity time, game time, story time, hands-on experiment time, and craft time!  I want to involve the children and provide them constant comprehensible Chinese language input.  I talk a lot in class and I use Chinese to communicate with the little kids.  I speak Chinese constantly and I use the the theme words repeatedly so the young language learners can hear the same

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11 Chinese Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Chinese for Kids: 11 Chinese songs for kids

Singing Chinese songs for Kids is a fun way to learn Chinese at home!  Research shows that music and songs help language acquisition.  Many Chinese children’s songs are short wth a lot of repetition of simple words.  They go well with movements for our babies and tots and sing along for kids from kinder and up. What you should know about Chinese Kids Songs! Look inside of each Chinese songs and nursery rhymes for kids and pick

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Board Games That Promote Chinese Language Learning

Do you use board games to boost Chinese language learning?  You can prepare in advance and introduce the key words to your child first at the beginning of the week then play the game on the weekend. When I teach Chinese to young children I use the Montessori approach.  The simple steps are introduction, recognition and recall.  There is a lot of Chinese  language repetition and input in this process and it helps the children to beRead more

Chinese Culture for Kids Series: The 12 Chinese Animal Birth Signs Printable

Read Learning Unit Description here.   Are you a Monkey? Are you a Chicken/Rooster? Are you a dog?  Are you a pig?  Chinese children ask their friends these questions for fun.  They also use the Animal Birth Signs to figure out how old their friends are.  With the arrival of the Year of the Rooster less than 10 days, we are going to take a look at the fun twelve Chinese Animal Birth Signs . There are

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Chinese We Wish You A Merry Christmas Song Lyrics

Chinese We Wish You A Merry Christmas | Miss Panda Chinese

The Chinese Songs for Kids series features Chinese We Wish You A Merry Christmas in Mandarin Chinese!  I have a short version of the original English Christmas carol.  At the same time, I have included the original English song and two videos of the full Chinese version for kids who are ready to try it. Christmas Carols in Mandarin Chinese: We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Chinese Play Time with Miss Panda introduces songs and activities to

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Thanksgiving Matching Game: Let’s Learn More Words in Chinese!

  Click on the Matching Game image above to download the Holiday Fun Sheet! Thanksgiving is coming and we are going to have fun learning more Chinese words and phrases about this day.  Here is a Thanksgiving Matching Game.  Cut.  Match.  Paste. Complete the sentences with the words/phrases on the fun sheet Wǒ xǐ huan ___________________.  我喜歡。。。 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] = I like ___________________   Wǒ fēi cháng xǐ huan ____________. 我非常喜歡。。。 [Audio

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Halloween Match Fun Sheet in Chinese

Halloween Fun Sheet Match Printable

Here are fun Halloween words and phrases for you!  Let’s match the words to the pictures.  Read the words/phrases on the Fun Page first.  If you need some help the hints are below in English, Pinyin and Chinese characters.  Print, read aloud, and have fun! Hints: pumpkin – Nán guā 南瓜 bat – Biān fú 蝙蝠 candy – Táng guǒ 糖果 witch – Wū pó 巫婆 ghost – Guǐ 鬼   Halloween Related Post & Resource: Halloween Bingo

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