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Pictureta Bilingual World Maps and Décor for Bilingual Homes

pictureta chinese world map for kids white | Miss Panda Chinese Gift Guide

Disclosure: Bilingual World Maps -Miss Panda received a sample to evaluate. All opinions are my own. Creating a literacy-rich environment is important for a bilingual home and a world language classroom.  Pictureta makes it easy for you to decorate your home or your classroom with bilingual world maps and décor.   When you blend decorate & educate together you see a product line that is playful and vibrant.  Pictureta helps parents inspire children to learn about our

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Bilingual Parenting Raising Bilingual Kids Bilingual Quotes

Bilingual parenting is an exciting journey and it can go upside down at times.  Parents need to be recharged and be inspired on this raising bilingual children journey. Here is a collection of empowering quotes about bilingual parenting, learning, bilingualism, early childhood education, being bilingual and raising bilingual kids.  I have shared many of these quotes in different posts and now I am adding them to this bilingual parenting resources. Do you have any quote that empowers

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Bilingual Parenting: The Triumphs and Challenges of Raising our Little Linguists

By: Chontelle Bonfiglio “Mummy, how do you say caterpillar in Spanish?” asks my four year old. Something I never thought I would ever hear. I don’t speak Spanish, and had to quickly send his teacher a voice message to ask her! I actually had to translate it into Italian so she could understand me, then wait for her reply to let us know what it means in Spanish. My son would not go to bed until he

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Multilingual Children Celebrate Pi Day

 Multilingual children celebrate Pi day in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish in this Pi Day video!  Hop in and join us! Pi π Day is on March 14 and it is celebrated all over the world.  Pi (π in Greek) is a mathematics symbol.  3.14 is usually what we use when work on simple calculation of a circle.  For children who are learning languages Pi day can be a fun day for reading the digits of

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Bilingual Parenting: Wonders of Raising A Bilingual Child

“Wow!  You are raising a bilingual child.  It must be easy for you because you speak the language…” a lady on the playground once told me.  Is it easy?  What do you think? Parenting is exciting, but we all know that and it can be challenging at times too.  Parenting in two languages is definitely rewarding, but it also requires some creativity from us as parents when we are being challenged. A friend of mine is raising

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6 Things I Love About Bilingual Kids

  Love and laughter are a wonderful part of the bilingual journey. Along the way I’ve discovered these secrets of bilingual kids!   Here are 6 things I love about bilingual kids: 1.  They are curious in two languages. When they see something new they always want to know more about it, what to call it, and why. 2.  Their sense of humor is doubled – at least. They tell jokes in two languages, and even in

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Bilingual Parenting: Raising a Bilingual Child – Be Strong and Be Joyful on the Bilingual Parenting Journey

Bilingual Parenting Tips by Miss Panda Chinese

We’ve all heard the adage “hindsight is 20/20.”  Looking back on the early days of when we first set out on our family language-learning journey reveals to me how important it is to change things up and to remain flexible with how we approach the process.  It’s sometimes easy to forget during rough patches, but I have learned that having fun with the kids as they learn is more important than concrete measurements like how many phonetic

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Happy Thanksgiving: Words and Phrases to Know in Chinese

Thanksgiving is almost here! The holiday season is a great time to introduce fun and exciting new words, phrases, and sentences to children in your target language.  My kids and I put together a fun word list every week. We talk about the meaning of each word.  We make sentences and we make up a story using as many new words/phrases as possible.  Then we cook and bake to make our tummies happy while we are learning. 

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Author Interview Series: Bilingual Parenting – Meet Adam Beck, Author of Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability

  Bilingual family profile: Majority language: Japanese. Minority (target) language: English. Method used for Adam’s family: OPOL (One Parent One Language) since birth of the children. Location of this bilingual family: Japan. Adam is raising his children in English and Japaneses in Japan.  Adam only speaks English to his kids.  His wife is Japanese and she only speaks Japanese to the children.  The children go to the local Japanese school.  The language used by the siblings when

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A Bilingual Family Journey Interview with Mingjung Chen and Joweina Hsiao

A Bilingual Family Journey interview with Angela Mingjung Chen, World Language Chinese Instructor and linguist along with her daughter, Joweina Hsiao.  You will hear their story from both the mother’s  and the daughter’s perspectives.  How does Angela keep her heritage language (Chinese) and culture alive at home?  Angela shares her insight on bringing up her bilingual/multilingual children as a native Chinese speaker.  Joweina, a sophomore in college gives her take on her multilingual journey growing up. You

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