6 Things I Love About Bilingual Kids


6 Things I Love About Bilingual Kids

Love and laughter are a wonderful part of the bilingual journey.

Along the way I’ve discovered these secrets of bilingual kids!


Here are 6 things I love about bilingual kids:

1.  They are curious in two languages.

When they see something new they always want to know more about it, what to call it, and why.

2.  Their sense of humor is doubled – at least.

They tell jokes in two languages, and even in combinations of two languages.  The sense of humor they have is a combination of the languages and cultures they’re learning, and their level of fun is definitely doubled, if not more.

3.  They are sweet!

Their words are sweet and their actions are even more so – when you read a messages from them in two languages it melts your heart.

4.  They are young connoisseurs of food from different cultures.

They are open to new dishes that are foreign to them.  When they travel they discover the most delicious foods.

5.  They are explorers in two cultures.

They are the connection between two cultures at family gatherings and beyond.  They are  culture explorers making new discoveries all the time.   They come to you and tell you that a familiar song can be sung in a different language, and then start singing it for you!

6.  They are amazing!

Bilingual kids are amazing!  They constantly surprise you with what they can learn.  They make you laugh when they say silly things.  They make you open your eyes to a whole different world they see.

 Happiness is in the air when giggles are popping out in two languages!

Learning how to type in Chinese.

Learning how to type in Chinese.


A secret message for me (Miss Panda) in Chinese.

A secret message for me (Miss Panda) in Chinese with a bag of snacks from my daughter MeiMei.




  1. I love this post. I really with my kids were bilingual. Bilingual kids just have more culture, you know? They seem to just know more. They have a different perspective on things.


    Thanks so much for this great post!

    • Thank you, Lisa! It is an opportunity and a gift we give to our child(ren) with a new language. It opens doors for them to experience the world around them in a new way.

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